Cam Newton: How Will NCAA Allegations Affect His Play And Heisman Chances

Michael WallCorrespondent INovember 10, 2010

Cam Newton: How Will NCAA Allegations Affect His Play And Heisman Chances

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    The latest NCAA allegations against Cam Newton and his father, Cecil Newton, accuse the two individuals requesting a pay-for-play-plan during the recruiting process last year. 

    ESPN is reporting that two sources from Mississippi State informed the SEC of these allegations in January.  

    After committing to Auburn, Newton reportedly called a recruiter from Mississippi State and notified him that he was headed to Auburn because "the money was too much."

    These allegations coming out of Mississippi State come in the wake of accusations of academic cheating while Newton was at Florida. 

    Auburn head coach Gene Chizik was quoted as saying that the allegation of Newton facing expulsion at Florida was garbage. 

    It is unlikely that the NCAA will punish Auburn or Newton by the end of the season, but these allegations may distract him from focusing on the Tigers' upcoming opponents. 

    The investigation may also severely hurt his chances of winning the Heisman trophy. 

    Here are some ways that the NCAA allegations could affect the rest of Cam Newton's season at Auburn.

Last Weekend's Game Against Chattaooga

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    Last weekend's game against Chattanooga was not much of a test for Cam Newton. 

    The quarterback received a nice reception from the home fans and he paid them back with five total touchdowns.  

    Newton threw for 317 passing yards as the Tigers defeated the Mocs 62-24.  

    After the game, Newton discussed how much the crowd's support meant to him. 

    "You feel it physically, emotionally and it does wonders in a person's mind and especially in my heart," he said.

    It will be interesting to see how Newton reacts to an opposing or neutral crowd in the future. 

This Saturday's Game Against Georgia

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    Unless solid evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Cam Newton or Auburn surfaces over the next few days, the Auburn faithful will once again support the quarterback as much as possible. 

    Although Georgia has not played very well this season, they are still a much better team than Chattanooga. 

    The Bulldogs are definitely aware of the NCAA allegations and will certainly attempt to get into Newton's head throughout the game. 

    The reason Georgia has a record of 5-5 is mainly due to poor play on offense.  The Bulldogs' defense is another story. 

    Georgia's defense is ranked higher than Auburn's at 22nd as the team is giving up less than 20 points per game. 

    The Bulldogs will attempt to take advantage of the fact that Newton is facing NCAA allegations and play the spoiler by ruining the Tigers' hopes of the BCS Championship game.  

    Newton will have to play smart football and not be distracted by the recent accusations in order to lead Auburn to a win.

Friday, November 26th Against Alabama

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    Nick Saban must be pretty pleased with the current NCAA allegations against Cam Newton as he can sit back and just focus on game plans, unlike Gene Chizik.

    Alabama has a big game this weekend against Mississippi State, but if they can win this Saturday, Alabama will have only two losses when they host Auburn in the Iron Bowl. 

    The game on Black Friday will be a whole other beast for Cam Newton when compared to his previous two games. The Heisman candidate will have to go into a very hostile environment and defeat one of the best teams in the country. 

    Newton will have to deal with intense chants and brutal insults from the Alabama crowd.  

     His performance against Alabama may determine whether or not he wins the Heisman Trophy. 

    Amidst the current allegations, it will be a very tough task for Newton and the Tigers.  

    It is hard to imagine Auburn winning the game while dealing with the NCAA investigation.  

Heisman Trophy Chances

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    Let's assume that the Auburn Tigers stay undefeated by defeating Alabama and winning the SEC Championship. 

    Let's also assume that in those games, Cam Newton is the reason why the Tigers won. 

    Given those results, it is still very possible that Newton does not win the Heisman Trophy. 

    It will not be because of his play on the field, but instead it will be due to the current NCAA investigation.

    The Heisman Trust will have to ask themselves whether or not they want to deal with another Reggie Bush situation. 

    This is the mission statement of the Heisman Trust: 

    The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. 

    The allegations of accepting money from Auburn and cheating at Florida certainly do not make his case for integrity. 

    Is it possible that the voters choose Newton to win the award, but the trust does not allow it? 

    NCAA scandals are in the news today more than ever before and Cam Newton has found himself right in the middle of it, but unlike Bush, he's at the wrong time of his collegiate career. 


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    Game Against Georgia: Auburn wins by less than two touchdowns.  Cam Newton throws two interceptions. 

    November 26th in Alabama: Alabama wins.  Alabama's defense will be too tough at home.  There will be too much pressure on Newton regarding the Heisman Trophy and NCAA allegations.  It will be difficult for Newton and the Tigers to deal with the crowd.  

    Heisman Trophy: Cam Newton does not win.