Cam Newton Never in Academic Danger at Florida

Nathan DealCorrespondent INovember 9, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 06:  Quarterback Cam Newton #2 of the Auburn Tigers leaves the field after play against the Chattanooga Mocs November 6, 2010 at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

CBS just reported that Cam Newton, despite reports from Thayer Evans that he cheated three times at Florida, was never in danger of expulsion from the university. Florida confirmed this.

The following should happen now:

1. Thayer is fired, as well as sued by the Newtons and arrested for slander.

2. Auburn moves past this little scandal created by a pathetic excuse of a sports writer.

3. deletes all those articles and instead posts 30 articles about the wonders of Cam Newton and how the world is a better place with him alive.

4. The FBI still investigates around Mississippi State to set the record straight so those who need to be punished are.

5. Once released from jail, Thayer should not be allowed to even watch sports on TV...ever again.

6. Auburn sues Thayer, followed by Cecil Newton alone, then Cam Newton, then when there's no money left, Auburn should sue him for his house and let Gus Malzahn have it.

7. Every B/R article attacking Newton for this should be taken down, for there were never legs to this ugly rumor.

8. Thayer should be forced to watch game tape from every New Mexico game this year. OK, I'm sorry, that is a little harsh.

To be quiet frank about it, this whole story was BS, and the law should be dropped on Thayer Evans for his awful articles. I say it again: VOTE CAM NEWTON FOR HEISMAN. Have a great day.