College Football: Tougher Schedule-Oregon Or TCU? Michigan Has No Defense.

Gary BrownCorrespondent IINovember 9, 2010

ANN ARBOR, MI - NOVEMBER 06:  Mikel Leshoure #5 of the Illinios Fighting Illini celebrates a fourth quarter touchdown reception with Troy Pollard #28 while playing the Michigan Wolverines at Michigan Stadium on November 6, 2010 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Michigan won the game 67-65.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Les Miles get the best of Alabama and Nick Saban

What hurts the most for Alabama football fans today? The loss to LSU or seeing Nick Saban get out-coached by Les Miles?

A fake punt that converted a key fourth down, the reverse on 4th-and-inches and the pass play LSU completes in the final quarter when Bama needed a stop to get the ball back.  All day Alabama looked like the better team physically, but when a big play was needed the LSU staff was able to dial one up. Alabama’s staff was unable to put its team in position to stop it.


Good Defense? Get Real

Somewhere in the fourth quarter of Michigan's game with Illinois, one of the broadcast crew members from ESPN made a comment about the good play of Michigan’s defense so far in the game. Really? What game was he watching? When the comment was made, the Wolverine defense had already given up 38 points.

Neither team turned in a defensive effort to be proud of. The final score, in triple overtime, was 67-65.

Memo to Rich Rodriguez: When you are the coach of a team that can put up 45 points in regulation, but still need to score 67 to get an overtime win, you are not getting the job done. You were hired to be the HEAD coach, not just an offensive coordinator.


Cam Newton: Come Back When There Is Actually Proof

Every writer who has already convicted Auburn's Cam Newton of taking money for coming to Auburn needs to have their “press” credentials revoked for future Auburn football games. Without a shred of evidence, they are taking away their Heisman votes, and writing malicious things about the young man and his family while also tainting a great Auburn football season.

The greatest offenders are those who attempt to appear somewhat objective by making a brief mention that so far there is no proof, but then go on to string together more "if it is true’s" followed by countless accusations.

Here is what all these writers need to do. Go do some research on the story and get some facts. Whether a young man took money or not is more than an opinion piece; it is a news story. Treat it like one. Be better than your associates who cover politics.


ACC Football Has Parity. Is That Anything?

People say parity is a good thing. In the ACC it just may mean that there is not a team that can really be called good. Virginia Tech is undefeated in league play, but has two losses out of conference, opening the season with losses to Boise State and James Madison. 

Florida State, Maryland and NC State all have two losses in the Atlantic division and Clemson is still hanging around with three. Not a single one of these teams is in the BCS top 25.

The Hokies are the highest ranked team from the ACC in the BCS. Tech checks in at No. 20.


How Has Texas Football Fallen So Far in One Year?

Where have you gone Texas Longhorns?

Sure Mack Brown’s team has wins over Nebraska and Texas Tech. Those are expected. What makes a person scratch his head are the losses. Iowa State is good, but not Texas good. Against UCLA the Longhorns looked like they just gave up. Oklahoma State showed just how good Baylor is and Kansas State beat Texas up.

If you look at the players on the field, this team has talent. What is happening to cause it to play so badly?


TCU Is Not Deserving of a National Title Shot…Is Oregon Any More So?

After TCU whipped Utah Saturday, the clamor started for the Horned Frogs to get a shot at the national title. Here is the problem. Utah was never really worthy of its lofty national ranking. It could be argued that based on Utah's schedule to date, the Utes did not even deserve to be in the Top 25.

While TCU is the most complete team of the three darlings from the non-AQ conferences and would be a very good Big 12 team, the Horned Frogs still don’t play enough top-notch competition to deserve a chance to play for all the marbles.

The Horned Frogs schedule have the 61st-toughest schedule in the nation. For the record, Boise State is No. 58 and Auburn is at No. 2. Where does Oregon football rank? No. 80, according to the NCAA's website.

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