Nebraska Football: Big Red Nation Wetting the Bed?

Dean WebbContributor INovember 9, 2010

LINCOLN, NE - OCTOBER 16: A dejected Nebraska Cornhusker fan shows his displeasure during second half action of the game between the Nebraska Cornhusker and the Texas Longhorns at Memorial Stadium on October 16, 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Texas Defeated Nebraska 20-13. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Eric Francis/Getty Images

They’re not called Rational Adults of the Corn.

In the wake of this false controversy surrounding the television commentary of Ed Cunningham, some Nebraska fans are really showing their true colors.

Nebraska recently played two Big 12 league games against Oklahoma State and Missouri in consecutive weeks on ABC. Cunningham worked the color commentary for both games. Both games undeniably had helmet-to-helmet hits caught on camera. Cunningham’s job is simply to provide his football opinion of what we see on camera.

Cunningham, instead of praising the helmet-to-helmet hits, chose to discuss the dangers of that type of hit. Considering one player was knocked out cold and the other slow to get up, this was the obvious discussion to have. The only other commentary options he had were to encourage the hits or to ignore them. Both options would be either out of place or just irresponsible.

In any event, his role is to actually give his opinion about what happens. Unfortunately for Cunningham, both were by Nebraska players.

Well, as we are finding out, some Nebraska fans simply won’t stand for any negative comments directed at, around or near their beloved program. Even if the comments are incidental and not directed at a program or fan base.

So instead of stepping back and seeing things objectively, Nebraska fans are completely overreacting. They are calling out Cunningham on local radio shows, updating his Wikipedia page, creating an anti-Cunningham related Facebook page. Even local writers have centered articles around the so-called disruptive commentary. Now the radio station who has the rights to air Nebraska games is taking it a step further by syncing up future radio broadcasts to the television broadcast.

Why? Because the demand is there for fans to turn down the television broadcast and only listen to the radio while they watch. This is nothing more than childish, puzzling and funny.

Now, looking at this from the outside, Husker fans and their actions fit into which of the following categories: A) Toddlers B) Teenagers C) Adults or D) Senior Citizens.

I didn’t answer A, but you were thinking that, weren’t you?

After all, they do moniker the nickname Children of the Corn.