Cam Newton vs. Thayer Evans and McCarthyism Journalism Tactics

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 9, 2010

Cam Newton vs. Thayer Evans and McCarthyism Journalism Tactics

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    As we all know, the hits keep coming and Cam Newton keeps smiling, but at what cost?

    Auburn's dream season is being trashed by a McCarthy journalist by the name of Thayer Evans.

    At this point the articles written by him on over the past two weeks have been culturally unacceptable through degrading and publicly attacking Cam Newton.

    In what is a clear violation of federal privacy laws, Newton is being vetted as if he is running for president. Wait a minute...

    Evans continually insinuates that Newton is too good to be true, that something is lurking beneath the surface and it's his duty to expose such truths. As a journalist and man, Thayer Evans has lost credibility with fans and contemporaries across the country.

Thayer Evans' Attacks on Cam Newton Are Callous and Defaming

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    Thayer Evans' previous articles have verbal land mines in them as such:

    “Of course, there will be Heisman voters who still vote for Newton. They’re blinded by their love for him, just like most of the media, who have been duped repeatedly by him and his father. After all, the supposed redemption story of Newton has always seemed too good to be true."

    “So do what’s right, Heisman voters, and don’t you, too, get juked by the Newtons. Character should be a factor for the Heisman."

    "The scrutiny surrounding Newton and Auburn’s past is too much to ignore, at least for now. And with all of Newton and his father’s spin, who knows how much they may have misrepresented."

    “Plus, there’s a plenty more deserving candidate: Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. And unlike Newton, he doesn’t have to play dress-up to get attention.”

    It seems a smear campaign has just begun against Cam Newton and a motive for headlines superseded any form of self-respect, as Thayer Evans is more of a "Glory Hound" than he accuses Cam Newton of being.

    McCarthyism or tell me! Evans sounds like a bigot with an agenda rather than a journalist with writing skills and a passion for his profession. 

    Unnamed sources plus illegal receipt of federally protected information on a student-athelete all equates to a pile of overexposed media crap.

Another Journalist Who Is Holier Than Thou...Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

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    Actual quotes under the heading "Cam Newton Doesn't Deserve Heisman."

    The account of a 12-sandwich-eating couch potato sports expert:

    "Cam Newton has failed the integrity test and will not get my Heisman Trophy vote.

    "No matter what.

    "I don’t care if he breaks Tim Tebow’s records, O.J. Simpson’s records or Red Grange’s records.

    "I don’t care if he runs for 4,000 yards and passes for 8,000 yards.

    "I don’t believe he deserves the Heisman Trophy.

    "You see, there is this sentence in the mission statement on the Heisman’s website: “The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

    "Cam Newton meets one of those criterium but not the other. He has pursued excellence but not with integrity.

    "You see, he left the University of Florida after being in possession of a stolen laptop and throwing it out the window when police arrived."

    This buffoon actually never made a mistake, and I am sure he never broke the law...seeing his arrogant pudgy face disgusts me, and his disdain for a 21-year-old kid is seeping out of his pores faster than the pastrami he inhaled for lunch.

An Emotional Gene Chizik Defends Cam Newton Defining His Roles and Responsibilty

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    Auburn and Gene Chizik were aware of the allegations and possible NCAA investigation of Mississippi State and their recruitment of Cam Newton. Auburn conducted an inquiry themselves into the matter and ruled it was unfounded.

    With one of the strictest NCAA Compliance Committees in all of college football, it was ruled Newton is and will be eligible as long as he is at Auburn.

    During Chizik's emotional press conference today (Nov. 9, 2010) he adamantly and definitively defended his starting quarterback and called the recent allegations "garbage." He continued with "I am wasting my time addressing allegations that blow my mind!

    "Nothing's changed in terms of who he is and what he is. He is like our son here...and I got a problem with it (reports)!

    "However, there are other things that are important, too, and that's to get in young men's lives and help them grow." Gene Chizik emphasizes his role with, "As their head coach, as their mentor, sometimes as their father figure, I've got a responsibility to our young guys to defend and protect.

    "When I see a young man to do everything we asked them to do...I have a very appreciation for that. Cameron Newton has not only excelled as a tremendous athlete, he's done everything we've asked him to do."

Cam Newton Steps Up to the Mic, Answers Questions with His Usual Charm

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    Even amidst the majority of the sports world, i.e.,, and SportsCenter, all running reports of the allegations that Cam Newton cheated while at the University of Florida, the embattled young man was as charming and professional as ever during today's press conference (Nov. 9, 2010), smiling as he walked into the room as always.

    "Am I hurt? No. Am I curious? A little bit. But it really doesn't bother me that much. I'm a blessed individual.

    "I'm not here to bash anyone. I'm here to go to school and win football games at Auburn. My sole focus right now is to win this football game coming up on Saturday."

    On the academic charge, Newton said, "I'm not going to entertain something that happened three months, six months, but two years ago. I'm not going to talk about it, beating a dead horse."

    When asked if he thought Urban Meyer was the anonymous source, Newton calmly stated, "The coach that I knew, coach Urban Meyer, a man of integrity, I would hope he wouldn't say anything like that.

    "I'm not up here to impress anybody trying to win Brownie points.

    "I'm going to continue what I've been doing. I don't want to think about the Heisman Trophy. My whole focus right now is trying to beat Georgia."

Further Allegations Made Against Cam Newton and How He Addresses It in 2010

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    When Cam was five years old, he pushed a girl by the swing set.

    At seven he ate all the Fig Newtons in the cupboard.

    At nine Cam back-talked his Mom for the first and last time.

    At 11 Cam didn't take out the trash (we'll revisit this one).

    At 13 Cam left his homework at the house and slyly said to his teacher, "The dog ate it!"

    At 15 Cam ordered pizza with just onion topping so he wouldn't have to share!

    At 17 Cam drove down a one-way street...the wrong way!

    At 18 Cam committed to the hypocrite Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators (worst mistake).

    At 18 Cam bought a stolen laptop, and although charged he was never convicted of any crime.

    At 20 Cam led Blinn College to the Junior College Championship and reemerged from his purgatory.

    At the young age of 21 Cam is now remembering to take out the trash (Thayer Evans, Urban Meyer, Dan Mullen, John Bond, Kenny Rogers, Mike Bianchi and every other naysayer).