Cam Newton: Counting Your Chickens Before They Are Formally Charged By The NCAA

Robert ChandlerCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

Cam Newton: Counting Your Chickens Before They Are Formally Charged By The NCAA

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    With the recent news of an SEC investigation into the recruitment of Auburn's star quarterback, Cam Newton, at Mississippi State, it seems some analysts have started to over-speculate on how the loss of the superstar would affect the NCAA and Auburn.

    Well, does it appear to anyone else that some of these writers have jumped the gun?

    Seeing articles with titles like "Did Cam Newton get paid to go to Auburn? Mississippi St. Quarterback says so," I've come to the conclusion that some people are not aware of all the facts. When keeping up with this story, here's a few things to remember. 

Kenny Rogers

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    Kenny Rogers is the agent that "allegedly" attempted to solicit money from Mississippi St. for Cam's signature on a letter of intent. Many have jumped to the conclusion that since Miss St. had this option, Auburn had this option as well.

    Kenny Rogers is an MSU Alum and has been under investigation with the NFL prior to this situation. Cecil Newton, Cam's father, has admitted to meeting with the man on a few occasions over the past couple years during Cam's time at Blinn Junior College.

    The elder Newton also stated that if Rogers had tried to solicit money from Miss. St., he did it without the Newtons' knowing. 

Other Schools

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    If Auburn had to pay, obviously the other schools competing for his services would get a similar offer, right? 

    Oklahoma and Arizona also heavily recruited Cam out of junior college; however, none have reported any misdeeds on the Newtons' part. If Rogers really was his agent and was trying to sell him to the highest bidder, then these schools should be in trouble as well.

    It should appear obvious that Rogers was just trying to rip off his alma mater and thought he could get away with it since he played football there. 

Mullen Wanted To Let It Go, Meyer Didn't

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    News has surfaced that Mullen wanted this to not get out. He probably knew it would hurt Cam's career, and Mullen was very close with the young quarterback from their time at UF.

    There has been rumors that Urban Meyer wanted this news to get out and encouraged Mullen and MSU's athletic director to make the story public.

Cecil Newton's Church

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    It's been a rumor since Cam's arrival at Auburn that a large donation was made to his father's church after his commitment to the Tigers.

    This has been little more than a rumor until the investigation by the NCAA. The senior Newton has been asked for financial records for his family and the church. This could be huge... or it could have been.

    Cecil Newton told reporters that he did send in his financial records, and he did this over a month ago. Could it really take that long to see if someone received $200,000? 

Gene Chizik

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    "Here's what I can and I will this say very loud and very clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University, period. End of story," - Gene Chizik.

No Investigation Into Newton's Recruitment at Auburn

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    That's pretty much it. There is an investigation of Kenny Rogers and his actions at Mississippi State. The NCAA is not currently investigating Auburn's recruitment. They have asked for financial records from Auburn and the Newtons, but that was months ago.

    So to all those who are getting a little to worked up, sorry. Turns out you're going to have to beat Cam the old fashioned way (I can see why everyone was excited that he might not play).