Cam Newton NCAA Investigation: 5 Reasons to Believe Gene Chizik

Matthew Donaldson@MattDonaldsonAUCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

Cam Newton NCAA Investigation: 5 Reasons to Believe Gene Chizik

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    Auburn Quarterback Cam NewtonMike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    Thursday night was quite an evening in the college football world.

    Social media and questionably worded articles led to a firestorm of controversy around Auburn and their quarterback Cameron Newton. 

    As of Friday morning, Auburn has been accused of no wrong-doing, and neither has Cam Newton. 

    Gene Chizik said on Tiger Talk Thursday night, "Unfortunately, I can't comment on it. But here's what I can, and I will this say very loud and very clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University, period. End of story.''

    So why believe Coach Chizik? Here's five reasons why. 

No. 1: The NCAA, SEC, and Auburn Have Known about the Investigation Since July

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    Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    To me, the biggest piece of evidence in Auburn's favor is the fact that this investigation has been going on since July. The NCAA, the SEC, and Auburn have all been aware of it. 

    Many are saying that Auburn did their own thorough investigation to find any connection between Rogers and Auburn, but found nothing. 

    Surely, Auburn would have sat Cam if any evidence came about. They have known about this story, investigated it, and obviously found nothing wrong on their end. 

    I guess it's possible that someone outside the staff at AU had a hand in this, but nothing like that has been revealed yet and it's been almost four months since the story came up. 

No. 2: Would Cam And/Or His Family Really Jeopardize His Eligibility Again?

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    Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    Another thing that doesn't add up is this idea. Would Cecil Newton or anyone in the Cam Newton camp really jeopardize his eligibility and reputation right as he's being given a second chance? 

    If so, shame on them. But I can't see the Newtons risking anything like that just a year after another incident was so completely overblown. 

No. 3: The Integrity of Kenny Rogers

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    This runner, Kenny Rogers, isn't the most clean individual either. He's currently being investigated for misrepresenting himself to potential draftees by the NFL and NFLPA. His company is bankrupt, with over $11,000 in overdrawn checks, according to sources. 

    Sound like incentive to score some cash?

    He could be a great guy, but he simply doesn't seem like an innocent victim in this story. It's quite possible that he was working by himself to make some money of off Cam.

No. 4: The Church In Question Was Paid Off Before Newton's Final Recruitment

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Above is a link to an article that shows the church renovations were covered on September 23, 2009. This is one of the key pieces of "evidence" against the Newton's, claiming that Cecil Newton used the recruitment of Cam to help fund the church's compliance with building codes. 

    According to other sources, Cecil Newton has willingly released financial statements in the past month. This could still be true, but it's not looking likely at this time. 

No. 5: Why Else Would Auburn Come Out So Strong Against This?

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    Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    I'm not really seeing why Auburn would come out so strong about this if it was in any way true. Gene Chizik is risking a lot if he knows something, and has allowed Cam to play. 

    The current compliance staff is known to be extremely picky (ask basketball Coach Tony Barbee). At the slightest finding of evidence, Cam would have been sat down. Auburn doesn't want another run in with the NCAA. 

    Sources inside the athletic department are furious at the media firestorm this has led to, but have known about the allegation at Mississippi State since summer, as mentioned earlier. Things just don't seem to add up. 

    If Auburn is knowingly covering something up like this, they deserve to be punished fully. But I don't see anything to suggest that at this time. 

    What are your thoughts? Comment (respectfully to everyone) below.