Boise State Really Deserve a Chance To Play in the National Championship?

Aaron SharrowContributor INovember 5, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - SEPTEMBER 30:   Brad Lau #34 of the Boise State Broncos is tackled by Joe Jiannoni #44 of the Utah Utes but stretches over the goal line with the ball to score a touchdown at Rice-Eccles Stadium on September 30, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  (Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images)
Kent Horner/Getty Images

I am a college student, and it seems to me that this sports argument comes up every day with my buddies and me.

Some of my friends feel that playing in the Western Athletic Conference automatically does Boise in; others feel that their track record speaks for itself.

It would be easy for someone just to say that they have not lost a game in over a year, so they definitely deserve a chance at a national championship opportunity.

The problem is there is so much more to this than just a non-powerhouse conference and 20 straight wins combined over the last two seasons.

I honestly feel like sometimes people forget that while the WAC may not be the strongest conference—it is a conference that plays Division I football. Even though the scores may look this way, it is not like Boise is playing a local youth team every single week.

People and experts always say that Boise does not play a tough enough schedule like schools from the power conferences. While this is correct, it is not totally Boise State's fault. They try to schedule games against tough opponents such as Oregon and Virginia Tech in recent years.

They also will be opening up their season in East Lansing next season, as they just signed a three-year deal with Michigan State.

They also have a very good track record in these matchups they have had recently against teams that are perennial Top 25 football schools. This includes total domination last season against Oregon, the team that is currently No. 1 in the BCS standings. They held them to eight points last season and sent the Ducks back home probably wondering why they signed a deal to play them. 

The biggest disadvantage for the Broncos is that more than likely powerhouse teams see these beatdowns of very good schools and realize that there is not much reward to play Boise State. The reason they probably think this is because if they win, people more than likely will just say they're a WAC team—you should beat them.

What makes it even worse is if, say, you end up like all the other regular season opponents Boise has played the last three years, they use the other argument: How do you lose to a WAC team? The school can just kiss its national title hopes goodbye.

Boise is making an effort to schedule tougher opponents by announcing before the season that they would be leaving the Western Athletic Conference for the Mountain West Conference. This should give them a greater opportunity to prove their doubters wrong since the Mountain West has turned into a really good conference in the last five years or so, and the conference has much more recognition than ever by having Utah defeat Alabama a couple years ago.  

Another thing that has to make it very difficult for Boise State is that the only two times they have been on the big stage and been in a BCS game, they have found a way to get in the win column—beating teams such as Oklahoma, who had Adrian Peterson and were a team hyped to be a Top Five national title-contending team at the beginning of the season.

While I do see where people are coming from when they say Boise State does not play the competition of say a SEC school, I feel that their track record speaks for itself.

I mean, the team has not lost a regular season game in over three seasons, and when the games really count, in the BCS, it seems that is when they really start to shine.

They have been able to stay undefeated twice after their BCS game, so I just feel like they deserve at least one chance at the national title.

I also find it very impressive that last season they were able to hold Oregon to eight points; this year, teams would dream to be able to hold them to 35.

Hopefully we get to see a WAC team in the national title game this year, and while 10 years ago this would sound like a joke, I really think it needs to be done so once and for all Boise can either prove all their doubters wrong or give it all they have and head back to Idaho with their first L in a Bowl Championship Series game.