The Marksman's College Football Top 25

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

Yes people, it is that time of year, when we all feel the tug to sit 'round our television sets every Saturday—and sometimes Thursday, Friday, and the occasional Wednesday—to watch that glorious sport which we call college football.

It is also time to continue the time-honored tradition of debating, without a team even having kicked a ball off, who is the best in the nation.  So here I give you my preseason Top 25.

This, of course, is an extremely fluid poll that will come out every Monday along with the gripes (and there will be many) of the other polls.

Of course this poll is based on which team I think is the best now, not on where I think they will be at the end of the year.  With schedules and all, that has a completely different outlook.

But I, the Marksman, will give you, the fan, a fair and balanced (not like Fox News) report on the season as it progresses into the BCS Championship game.


1. Ohio State

18 returning starters, nine picks in the first two rounds of next year's NFL draft—how is this not the best team?


2. Georgia

The UGA defense will make teams feel like they played trucks for 60 minutes.  As long as QB Matt Stafford stays away from throwing dumb interceptions, they will be fine.


3. Clemson

Probably the most talented team in the school's history—if only they could get over that mental hump.


4. Missouri

Best chance ever for the Tigers to win a National Championship.


5. Oklahoma

Mental stumbles over the past couple of years have cost them some games no one expected them to lose (Boise State, West Virginia, and Colorado).


6. Florida

If the defense can somehow slow down an offense with half a pulse, then maybe they can win 10 games.  This is the best offense in the nation.


7. USC

Forget Joe McKnight—this defense will make you want to quit playing football.


8. West Virginia

After QB Pat White leaves, what will happen with head coach Bill Stewart?


9. Wisconsin

Ohio State really needs to pay attention to their game with Wisconsin.


10. LSU

The defense is decent, but the offense will need time to develop.


11. Illinois

Losing RB Rashard Mendenhall will hurt, but not so bad with Daniel Dufrene replacing him.  Watch for DE Martez Wilson to have a breakout year.


12. South Florida

Call this a beginning of the year spot.  QB Matt Grothe and Co. have things going the right direction in Tampa.


13. Texas

If Colt McCoy could somehow channel his freshman year form, then Texas could have a big year.


14. BYU

If the Cougars did not have such a tough schedule, they might go undefeated.


15. Wake Forest

This team just does not beat themselves—and now they have legitimate talent.


16. Texas Tech

The Red Raiders are two upsets away from playing in the National Championship game this year.


17. Kansas

Everyone will be gunning for Kansas, but they will still be tough.


18. Arizona State

If the OL would block someone, Arizona St. would probably be the favorite to win the Pac-10.


19. Pittsburgh

With RB LeSean McCoy leading the way, you have to figure this will be the year of the 'Stache, right?


20. Oregon

One of the best defensive backfields in the nation.


21. Auburn

You know this pick is on sheer respect.  I really do not think they will pick this new offense up in time this year to make a serious run.  However, there are some decent players on the team.


22. Fresno State

There are two NFL running backs on this team in Lonyae Miller and Ryan Matthews.


23. Alabama

Two years away from a serious title run.


24. Michigan

Rich Rodriguez was the offensive coordinator of the undefeated 2001 Tulane team that had Shaun King at QB, and he was no Pat White.  It is called adjustment.  The Wolverines have talent and a good defense.


25. Rutgers

A really good secondary, a really, really good passing game, and a decent running game will lead to big things in New Jersey.


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