Cam Newton: Guilty or Not, Could He Slip From Heisman Leader Amid Accusations?

Deric WinslettCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

Auburn QB Cam Newton
Auburn QB Cam NewtonMike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Here are six points as to why people should not jump to negative conclusions concerning Auburn QB and Heisman front runner Cam Newton. That also includes the Heisman Trophy voters at the Down Town Athletic Club in New York.

But first in case you haven’t read or heard the news. Here are some low lights of a story concerning Mississippi State’s former recruitment of Cam Newton in the winter of 2009. A story that made Auburn fan’s butts simultaneously tighten as if touched by a tube of Preparation H. Gross but an effective analogy.


“The NCAA is investigating Newton’s recruitment specifically his alleged ties to a man named Kenny Rogers, who allegedly offered Newton’s playing services to Mississippi State in exchange for a cash sum in the six figures. A Lexis search for that business lists Kenneth Rogers as the contact and his title as “agent.” A Birmingham, Alabama News story from 2008 said Elite Football Preparation “matches high school athletes with college programs.”  Mr. Rogers is also currently under investigation by the NFL and NCAA for other accusations as well. Don't let this guy in your neighborhood.

Newton’s father denied any wrong doing by Cam, himself or anyone associated with the family, while the NCAA and Auburn declined comment. Auburn University did say Newton remains eligible to play football for the undefeated tigers and BCS 2nd ranked team(9-0).”


1st People better stick to the facts or lack thereof with this story reported Thursday evening by Chris Low of ESPN, concerning Mississippi State’s recruitment of Cam Newton. Warning a skillful lawyer has been retained by Cecil Newton, Cam Newton’s father. And yes a slick Georgia lawyer can track you down by your IP address, like your a heard of terrorist posting recruitment video’s on You Tube. So think twice before you decide to post something untrue in a chat room or blog, and find yourself in a slander case. Just saying!

2nd This has nothing to do with Auburn's recruitment of Cam Newton. The Auburn coaches and administration knew about this accusation months ago. Had anything taken place that was not ethical. Cam would never have been named the starter in the spring, much less seen the field in game one this season. Possibly not even recruited if the information was disclosed prior to national signing day in February 2010.

3rd To blame Saban or Bama for this is as ridiculous as this story reported by Chris Low and ESPN. This is not a Bama VS Auburn thing! Sorry...

4th The timing is strange however, that Chris Low has written blog after blog concerning everything great about Auburn and Cam Newton. Then yesterday on a national radio show he stated that “bama would win the western division of the SEC and meet Florida in that SEC Championship game.” Hummm, really now? I want this guy picking my lottery numbers.

And as we all know today he releases his story concerning the “MISSISSIPPI STATE” recruitment of Cam Newton according John Bond. Rogers’ accuser – the two played football together at Mississippi State in the 1980s. Was this just happen stance?

5th Which leads me to this point. In Mr. Low’s own reporting, he makes this point clear. There’s no

 continued trail leading from Kenny Rogers (alleged dummy seeking money) of Elite Football Preparation (there’s that P word again) to Auburn or it’s recruitment of Newton. Bond alleges Rogers had stated to him “Miss State could have Newton for $180,000.” I could take this down another road, but I will refrain.

6th Any one can say “I represent XYZ player, “I can land that player for you for a discount at $180k

 While other schools have offered 200k, I’ll discount him (wink - wink)” Yeah what ever! If John Bond’s allegations are true, one can argue that Slick Salesman AKA: Kenny Rogers thought it was a foregone conclusion that Cam Newton was going to sign with Mississippi state. So naturally with out truly consulting Cam or anyone in the Newton family. It could be assumed that Rogers could say he landed Cam on the front step of the Bulldog athletic facility, now show me the money Mr. Mississippi State football booster! But Mississippi State in it’s wisdom reported the allegations to the SEC and NCAA . You think anyone at State warned Auburn? If not - why not? These allegations stink to high heaven. And the timing makes me wonder.

Some fun factoids for you to ponder. Did you know that prior to Kodi Burns a former Mr. Football quarterback from Arkansas signing with Auburn. Cam was being recruited by Auburn when Tommy Tuberville was the head coach. He (Newton) liked Auburn but decided to sign with Florida once Burns committed to the tigers. Did you know that current Auburn coaches saw a video of Cam Newton while recruiting another player at Blinn Community College in Texas, where Newton lead his team to a Junior College National Championship in 2009. That’s how this current Auburn staff found out about the amazing capabilities of Newton. Auburn was in need of a super QB to run Gus Malzahn’s offense, Auburn obviously began recruiting Cam at that point. Hence the “out of nowhere commitment of Newton“.

Cam realizing Auburn had a better situation over Miss State, i.e. better chance to win SEC Championships, immediate chance to be a starter, much better facilities, just a 90 mile drive down I-85 from his home in Atlanta to Auburn, awesome proven offense with better talent. He committed to Auburn when offered, a no brainer really. All facts on how Auburn landed Cam Newton. Any questions?

Relax Auburn fans, by next week this story has no legs concerning Cam or Auburn, just as it had none before Chris Low decided to break it. This story is for Mr. Rogers to clear up and defend himself against the NCAA and a judge. No doubt the truth will come out in due time. But I tell you this; If history shows Auburn and Newton are indeed innocent. And if Auburn wins out and Cam Newton “the obvious front runner” in a walk off to the Heisman Trophy receives harm that may cause Newton to lose the award that everyone up to this point proclaimed over and over was his to lose. Break out the check book Mr. Low, Pat Forde, Mark Schlabach and ESPN, you’re the ones that may be providing a pay day to the Newton’s. I would wage that it would be more than a $180,000 bucks.

Now, would the winnings from a successful lawsuit be against NCAA rules?