College Football: Thoughts Of a Fan On Non Automatic Qualifying Teams

Kevin McGradySenior Writer INovember 3, 2010

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 25:  Wide receiver Titus Young #1 of the Boise State Broncos runs the ball against the Oregon State Beavers at Bronco Stadium on September 25, 2010 in Boise, Idaho.  (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
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It is late in the week and a good time to bring up a great debate. Most college football fans have been subjected to the opinions of fans of many teams. Recently the following opinion was forwarded with permission to publish.

While the following opinion does not necessarily reflect those of every fan, they certainly are in the main stream of college football fans.

This is published with the authors permission to inspire a forum where fans of BCS teams as well as fans of teams from other FBS conferences and Independents can express their views on this subject.

From Mr. Steve Dean

Thoughts below:


With all of the talking heads around the country and their opinions, there is one issue that I think has not been discussed in college football. In a season of BCS College Football where non-AQ teams claim that they deserve a chance to play in the BCS National Championship, all I would like to say is this, it is time to take a serious look at aligning yourselves with a BCS conference.

No, I am not saying that your teams are not playing at a high level or that they are not capable of playing for a national championship. What I am saying is that you have outgrown the conference that you are currently in and if you want to be in the discussion without debate, it is time to move to a BCS conference.

Utah figured this out and will be playing in the new PAC-12 next year and I believe they will be pushing the new PAC-12 in their first year for the conference championship.

So why does Boise State and TCU not try to join a conference that fits their football program? Instead of arguing how you school is being passed over in the BCS polls, push your Board of Trustees and your big donors to get out of your respective conference.

TCU, right now, the BIG 12, soon to be the new BIG 10, is in desperate need of some new blood after the departure of Colorado and Nebraska. I believe if TCU pushes the issue with the groups mentioned above and through the Texas State Legislature, you could be added to the conference.

It probably could happen by 2013 or earlier. Is there another school that could join TCU to make the new BIG 10, 12 schools? In geographical terms, it is hard to find a school that will add the same football strength to the mix.

Should it be up to TCU to find that additional school to bring with them? No. We know that if the new BIG 10 is to survive the next wave of the mega conference mergers, they need to make themselves stronger and by adding TCU and it will be.

Boise State, you are in a bit of a pickle. Geographically, you are not the most appealing to a major conference. What can you do to join a conference that will give your team the best chance of proving that you should not be passed over in the BCS?

Right now, I believe your best chance is to join the new BIG 12. How you ask? Unfortunately, you will need to wait until Notre Dame finally decides that being independent is not all it is cracked up to be.

As soon as this happens, you need to push the new BIG 12 to add your school to their conference and ride on the coat tails of Notre Dame.

Am I saying that Notre Dame is better? In their current state, that would be a resounding NO. What I am saying is there is one thing that Notre Dame has that Boise State does not and that is being coveted by the new BIG 12.

The number of teams in the conference have to even out so there could be a good chance of this happening with Notre Dame falling flat again in 2010. Maybe head coach Brian Kelly will help right the ship of Notre Dame Football, but in all honesty, they need catch up with the 21st century.

If Notre Dame does join, I believe Boise State should try everything in their power to try and come along.

With that being said, I am done here. Again, Boise State and TCU are great football schools. Push your governing bodies to shed your current conferences of mediocrity and join a conference that will highlight your football team and their records.

If you want to be recognized as a football power in the BCS, it is time to rethink and be on the inside looking out.

This is one opinion on the subject, what do you think?