Iowa Hawkeyes Game Film Review of Ricky Stanzi vs. Michigan St:

hawkeye gamefilmContributor INovember 2, 2010

IOWA CITY, IA - OCTOBER 30: Quarterback Ricky Stanzi #12 of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes throw under pressure from defensive end Tyler Hoover #91 of the Michigan State Spartans during the first half of play at Kinnick Stadium on October 30, 2010 in Iowa City, Iowa. Iowa won 37-6 over Michigan State. (Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images)
David Purdy/Getty Images

Another statistical gem delivered by Ricky Stanzi this week. He only got to throw 15 passes in this game but made the most of them racking up three touchdowns and once again being turnover free.

He appeared un-rattled by pressure and stepped up in the pocket numerous times and dodged pass rushers with apparent ease. He did a good job of keeping his eyes down field and picking his spots. He also showed some pretty decent speed on his scramble up the sideline on a big third down conversion.

He did make a few poor throws in this one. He again appeared to try and throw up a deep ball into a reasonably strong head wind. It's not a great idea to throw deep into a strong wind in the first place, but to float it up makes it even more dangerous. If he were on the road and making this throw it's not as big of a deal, but in Kinnick Stadium where he knows the effect the wind can have, it's less understandable.

It was good to see Iowa go back to the TE middle seam route seam route this week. This is a throw that's going to be there down the stretch as Iowa continues to pound the ball between the tackles and keeps the LB's coming forward.  Attacking down the middle is something that had been missing from Iowa's passing attack recently and will give upcoming teams something to think about.

Stanzi could be in for another big game next week against Indiana who ranks 105th in Pass Efficiency Defense. Stanzi is currently ranked second nationally in Passer Efficiency and shouldn't have much trouble picking apart Indiana.


+1 Excellent pocket presence here as he avoids the rush and hits Reisner on a short check down that he turns into a solid gain.  D1 Play 7
+1 Delivers a strike to Sandeman for a TD on the slant. You  could probably make a case for this ball being a count or 2 late but the accuracy of the throw makes it a moot point. D1 Play 12
+1 Great pocket presence again here as he steps away from the un-touched blitzer and breaks up-field and shows some solid top end speed as he picked up big yards. D2 Play 3
-1 Very poorly thrown ball on the scissor route. DJK had beaten the safety over the top and a better throw here and it would have been a TD. Wind was likely a factor here but Stanzi should know better by now. He also could have thrown this ball to McNutt on the deep cross underneath as he had also beaten his man. D2 Play 4
+1 Great job of going through his progressions here and delivers a perfect pass to Reisner to pick up a big first down. D2 Play 6
+1 Nice job setting this play up as he steps up and back to the left in the pocket and hits Robinson on the PA wheel route for the score. Perfect throw on the run here as he didn’t even set his feet. D3 Play 3
-0 Makes a good PA fake here and then hits the right read but isn’t able to step into the throw because a DT got free hammered him and he threw a bit of a duck. If he hadn’t been rushed this throw would have been on target and would have been a good throw. Still goes for a big completion down to the 5. D4 play 3
-1 Low off target pass here costs his Reisner a chance at the first down. Ball drops incomplete. D5 Play 3
+1 Nice job reading the defense here as recognizes the coverage and waits for Herman to clear the LB’s and hits it for 17. D6 Play 2
+1 Stares down McNutt a bit here but throws a bullet on the hook route that kind of leads McNutt a bit away from the defender. A look to the flat route would have opened up the lane even more but as it was he had enough room to put the ball in there. D6 Play 6

Overall: +5

Passing Chart

_ Left Middle Right Sub-total
Short1/1 8y2/2 12y 1TD3/5 27y6/8 47y 1TD
Medium2/2 73y1/1 16y1/2 22y 1TD4/5 111y 1TD
Deep1/1 32y 1TD0/1 0y0/0 0y1/2 32 1TD
Sub-total4/4 113y 1TD3/4 28y 1TD4/7 49y 1TD

11/15 190y 3TD 0INT 12.7 YPA