BCS Rankings Projections Week 10: How Did Saturday's Games Shake Up the BCS?

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 31, 2010

BCS Rankings Projections Week 10: How Did Saturday's Games Shake Up the BCS?

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    The BCS rankings for their third week may not come as tough as the last two weeks. There weren't the upsets we had gotten used to seeing over the last three weeks and, wouldn't you know it, the No. 1 overall team didn't fall.

    Actually, neither the computer's No. 1 team, nor the humans' No. 1 pick fell.

    But, there were a few teams that fell to teams that they normally wouldn't fall to in the past, including one that hasn't lost to this respective team in quite some time.

    So, while there won't be the kind of shakeups we've gotten used to seeing in the BCS rankings, there will be a few changing of the guards when the third BCS poll is released sometime on Sunday.

    While your team may or may not have won, it's time to take a look at 10 possible shake ups before tomorrow's poll is released.

    Ready or not, here we go.

No. 10: Baylor's Win Over Texas

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    How about the Baylor Bears going to Austin and taking down the Texas Longhorns!

    Anyone know the last time that happened? How about 1997.

No. 9: Boise State Could Be Affected By Late Touchdowns

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    While most people may not think this will affect them, I think it will.

    Boise State did have a big lead on Louisiana Tech but gave up a touchdown in "garbage time" that made the score look a lot closer than it was.

    That could come back to hurt them in the long run.

No. 8: Stanford's Shutout Of Washington

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    Stanford, already listed at No. 13 in the BCS poll, will see that jump after a 41-0 throttling of Washington.

    Not only that, but doing so on the road will give them even more consideration.

No. 7: Miami's Loss on The Road

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    The Miami Hurricanes went to Charlottesville, Va., and expected to do what came natural to them: win.

    What they didn't expect was the fourth quarter clock to tick all the way down to triple zeros and be on the losing end of a 24-19 loss to the Virginia Cavaliers.

    The Hurricanes had been shut out for three quarters and even a 19-point fourth quarter was too little, too late.

No. 6: Arizona's Ranking May Fall

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    The UCLA Bruins have struggled and have gotten thoroughly beaten over the last few games.

    However, Arizona's struggles to do the same to the Bruins may hurt their rankings when the BCS poll comes out tomorrow.

    They may climb because of the win, but if they fall a few spots, you'll know why.

No. 5: Florida State May Leave The Rankings

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    Florida State would have liked to move up in the rankings, especially what happened to two different teams in the top 10.

    However, their loss to NC State negated all that.

No. 4: Nebraska Is Back, Thumps Previously Unbeaten Missouri

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    Everyone wanted to say Missouri was for real.

    After they knocked off Oklahoma at home last week, we talked about them like they were a team to be reckoned with.

    But I wasn't so sure, especially since they should have lost to San Diego State at home a few weeks earlier.

    Well, either Oklahoma took them lightly or Nebraska is a lot better than we think. The Cornhuskers thumped the previously unbeaten Tigers 31-17 in Lincoln.

No. 3: Oklahoma May Head Back Up The Polls

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    After losing to Missouri last week, the Sooners wanted to come back and prove that they were a better team than what we saw.

    Although they did it against a lackluster Colorado team, they put a 33-point blowout down on the Buffaloes.

    We may see them move up two or three spots coming into tomorrow morning.

No. 2: USC No Match For The Oregon Offense

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    Give USC credit, they tried. But it wasn't enough against an Oregon offense that continues to put up big time numbers each and every game.

    The Ducks put up a 53-32 win over the Trojans at the Los Angeles Coliseum and will remain the AP and USA Today pick for No. 1 but could very well remain No. 2 in the BCS poll.

No. 1: Michigan State Falls In a Big Way

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    Iowa was done losing big games.

    They had lost a tough one to Arizona on the road earlier in the season, then dropped a disappointing one point loss to Wisconsin last week.

    The Hawkeyes had it with losing.

    So, they took their frustrations out on unbeaten and fifth ranked Michigan State in a big way to the tune of a 37-6 beat down of the Spartans.

    The game was over at halftime with Iowa leading 30-0 at the break.

    With the Spartans' loss, you'll see quite a few teams behind them make a big move in the polls tomorrow.