Texas-Baylor: Longhorns Stink Up DKR Memorial: Fire Mack Brown Now!

Paul WomancatcherCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2010

Garrett Gilbert:  Nice Kid.  Lousy QB.  Will Make a Great Doctor or Lawyer!
Garrett Gilbert: Nice Kid. Lousy QB. Will Make a Great Doctor or Lawyer!Eric Francis/Getty Images

Baylor vs. Texas: Texas Shows No Improvement!

As I write this article, the third-quarter of play is underway between the University of Texas Longhorns and the Baylor Bears.

At this point in the game, the score is 19-10 in favor of the Longhorns.  Garrett Gilbert has passed for 63 yards and run for 67.

As a lifelong fans of the University of Texas, I should be ecstatic, right?  The Horns are winning.  Texas has managed good field position for the greater part of the game.  Baylor, at this moment, begins a drive 82 yards from the end-zone.  Tough to complain, right? 

Last week I took my second poll of the season.  I have now asked twice, the question:  Should Garrett Gilbert get the next start for the University of Texas?  Increasingly, fans are ready to take a look at Case McCoy or whoever occupies the number three slot on the depth chard.  Well in excess of 63% of fans have seen enough of Garrett Gilbert.  I've certainly seen enough of Mack Brown and Greg Davis.

I am taking the hard line on the Horns...why?

First, the management of the clock by Mack Brown continues to astonish everyone...even TV announcers.

Secondly, I've seen no improvement in game planning or play calling by the Horns.  Time after time, Greg Davis calls pass plays that are short of the sticks on third down.

He calls boneheaded running plays that never work.  His third-down choices in particular are just silly.

Gilbert has run for a few yards and I am pleased that he has done so.  Still, he is not a very good runner. In fact, he is an inadequate runner.

No semblance of leadership has been in evidence.  The Horns cannot win big games with this young man.  His accuracy is still sub-par.

Baylor has forced Texas into field goal situations in TD territory by aggressive play.  Poor play by Gilbert left the Horns with empty hands despite numerous trips to the red zone.

The Texas FG squad performed reasonably well.  They should not have been in a position to do so.

The Texas Defense, the least likely element of the team to blow a tire, has also fallen victim to the quick strike.

Jay Finley, with about 4:50 in the third, struck like lightning for a 59-yard TD. With Texas safeties playing undisciplined football, a huge opening was left for Baylor who shocked them with the sudden score.  

On the very next possession, Baylor struck in the person of Antonio Johnson for an interception...which he ran back rapidly to the Red Zone.

On third and 4 from the 6 or 7 yard-line, Baylor threw a rod. Called a time out.  Baylor revealing itself as a pretender... possibly as wretched as Texas.

The outcome of the late third-quarter Baylor opportunity?  Griffin ran on fourth for a 1st and goal. 

The Horns held the Bears for two consecutive downs. Now, third and goal to go, the crowd held its breath.  Is it possible that the Horns could hold the Bears on a goal line stand?  

Great Texas stands flitted through my mind: Oklahoma in the late 1970's, USC in 2005. Might Texas reach down and pull out the stuff it takes to "just say no" to an opponent on one's goal line?

Well, here goes, we are about to find out.  But wait, the quarter has ended.  The contest will take place on the other end of the field.  Okay, are ya' ready?  Here goes, boys and girls.  

The time when men were men and guns were guns enters my mind.  I rise, and display the HOOKEM sign.  Can they do it?  Will they do it?  NOOOOO!!!!

Baylor scores on the QB sneak!  They take the lead.

Baylor 23-19.  Oh well. I figured as much. Baylor goes for the two-point conversion and fails.  They aren't very good either.

In the end, it doesn't matter how this game turns out.  Texas is terrible.  That's the story.  There has been no appreciable improvement.

The Horns are losing.  The Horns are embarrassing the University of Texas once again. They might rally and win, but they are still awful.  

The Horns should be beating Baylor by 45 points.  Our third-string should be in the game by now.  Texas can't manage anything more than a FG in most cases.  Its ridiculous.

Enough is enough, Longhorns fans.  If Mack won't fire Davis, then Mack must go.  If Mack hasn't the fortitude to replace Gilbert, a truly wretched excuse for a QB, Mack needs to go.  

Enough crap from Mack.  He says he will take ownership of the problem.

So shut your gob-hole and do it, Mack!

Oh yeah...if Baylor holds on and wins this one, it will represent the first time in over 22 years that Texas has lost three such games.  What would that tell us?