College Football Heisman Race: Who Will Take the Trophy?

Ben GriffyCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2010

College Football Heisman Race: Who Will Take the Trophy

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    The Heisman Trophy is awarded annually to the best player in college football. Generally, this is restricted to offensive players who happen to be on winning teams. This years group is no exception: all the top candidates are contributing to taking their team to the top.

    Many of the top candidates at the beginning of the season have fallen from graces by this week. Here are the current top candidates for the Heisman Trophy in 2010.

1. Cam Newton

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    Cam Newton is awesome. He’s the driving force behind Auburn’s powerful offensive attack. This season he has rushed for over 1000 yards and passed for more than 1300. He’s been largely responsible for the Tiger’s surprise undefeated season. Newton came out of two years in Florida behind Tim Tebow, and has emulated much of Tebow’s style.

    Thus far, the Tigers have faced three ranked teams—South Carolina, Arkansas and LSU—but Newton will face one more challenge against Alabama’s formidable Crimson Tide. Should he perform well the rest of the season, and succeed against the vaunted Tide defense, Newton deserves the Heisman.

2. LaMichael James

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    LaMichael James has been the dynamite behind Oregon’s explosive offense, with Darron Thomas has been the spark. Together, they have lead the Ducks to an undefeated season, averaging more than 50 points a week against an improved Pac-10 conference.

    James missed one game at the beginning of the season due to personal legal troubles and has since been among the college football leaders in yards and yards a carry. Coach Chip Kelly will also frequently benches players in the second half to avoid running up the score (it happens anyway), so he’s missed having even more yards.

3. Kellen Moore

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    Kellen Moore has been undefeated since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and Ronald Reagan was President. Largely, this is because they’ve played such stiff competition as Western Minnesota Technical Institute of Agriculture for the Culinary Arts (close, right?).

    But, in all honesty, Moore has proven himself to be a very impressive quarterback who hasn’t had a great chance to prove himself given the strength of Boise St.’s schedule. Right now Boise sits at No. 3 in the nation. If Moore is given a chance to play for the National Title, he will have proven himself deserving of consideration for the Heisman Trophy.

4. Andrew Luck

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    Andrew Luck came into the 2010 season with high expectations. He’s performed up to those criteria; unfortunately, he hasn’t exceeded them. Barring a miracle, or a slip up among the top three, Luck will not win the Heisman Trophy. He could deserve to be among the Heisman candidates.

5. Denard Robinson

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    After the first few weeks of the season, Denard Robinson looked like a shoe-in for the Heisman Trophy. But once he faced tougher competition, Robinson fell apart, and in the last two weeks has thrown four picks. He is extremely impressive as a dual-threat quarterback, and should be in consideration next year.

6. Justin Blackmon

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    Justin Blackmon has been a monster for Oklahoma St. this season, averaging more than 150 yards a game and garnering 14 touchdown catches. Even in OSU’s first loss, last week to Nebraska, Blackmon had 157 yards. If Oklahoma St. was more of a contender, Blackmon would be in the top 3.