Volunteer Fans Need To Laugh

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIOctober 29, 2010

All that's left is laughing.
All that's left is laughing.

I was at a family dinner once upon a time, enjoying a pot roast dinner and listening to conversation that always grabbed my attention, some more than others.

My grandfather on my mother's side would shamelessly throw political barbs at my father, who had crossed over to the dark side of the Democratic party, while Dad endlessly debated the lineage of old granddad between Irish and just stupid.

My uncle was my favorite though; he always had the best one-liners.

I remember one in particular. He and my aunt had been disagreeing somewhat over the price of a washing machine and a new lawnmower. He decided to take the high road and concede that fresh linens and clean underwear were worth waiting one more season for his new rider when suddenly Aunt Bess forgot to shut up. She announced that he "better be glad he quit while he was ahead."

Uncle Burren replied with his best, "If I slapped you half as hard as Momma wants me to we'd have to buy dentures instead." He said this without smiling and in mid-chew with pecan pie dangling off his fork. We all looked stunned for a split second before I lost "it" and began to laugh uncontrollably.

Now ladies, calm yourself; I don't condone domestic violence. We have to remember it's called a sense of humor. If the roles were reversed, you would have peed on yourselves before you made it to the can.

Can't Derek Dooley have a sense of humor too? I thought what he said in his WWII remark was hilarious. I have a half-dozen relatives that served in the European theatre, two of which died there, and crucify me if you like, it was funny, and yes, we do suck bad enough for Dooley to make that analogy about the Tennessee Volunteer football team—end of story.

We are a flipping football team and not an ethnicity of which would have more claim to find offense, but not the Vols. People, get a sense of humor, because the laughing isn't over. We have a few more games that might not go our way, and the best course of action would NOT be wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

Would it be okay for Dooley to compare the Vols to Pacman and the opposing team as ghosts, or would video gamers take offense?

Laugh—it hurts less than crying.