Ohio State Buckeyes: Meet Brutus Buckeye

Bailey BrautiganFeatured ColumnistOctober 27, 2010

Meet Brutus Buckeye

Brutus Buckeye was born in 1965 when students at Ohio State University decided that they really needed a mascot.

At the time, most other mascots were various types of animals, but Ohio State decided to be different. The buckeye is the official tree of the state of Ohio, so it seemed fitting to choose the buckeye nut as Ohio State’s mascot.


Brutus Buckeye's Experience

Brutus has been there with the best of them. He has seen The Ohio State University win three national championships during his career at the university, and he has worked alongside the likes of Heisman Trophy winners Archie Griffin and Eddie George.


Brutus Buckeye's Leadership Abilities

Brutus Buckeye is the mascot of one of the most respected football programs in the country. He can lead the “O-H-I-O” chant better than anyone, and he is one of the most recognized mascots in all of college athletics.


What Distinguishes Brutus Buckeye From the Rest?

You may have noticed Brutus Buckeye’s big head. Don’t worry. He doesn’t mind if you stare, because inside that big head is one big brain. What Brutus lacks in physical strength, he more than makes up for in brain power, and his ability to outsmart the competition.


Brutus Buckeye's Campaign Promises

By far the snazziest dresser of all the mascots, Brutus promises Jim Tressel inspired sweater vests for all! 

Brutus Buckeye: Scarlet and Grey, all the way.