Idaho Vandals: Meet Joe Vandal

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Idaho Vandals: Meet Joe Vandal
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Meet Joe Vandal

Joe became the mascot of Idaho back in 1918 when the editor of the school paper started referring to the football team as “vandals.” The nickname stuck and Joe Vandal has been a part of the program ever since.

Joe Vandal’s Experience

When you’re named after players who were so tough and intimidating they were nicknamed Vandals, you know you’ve seen some players who got the job done on the field. You don’t need championships to know great talent, and Joe Vandal proves that.

Joe Vandal’s Leadership Abilities

Vandals are ruthless fighters, and Joe Vandal will fight with everything that he has until the very end. With that determination comes a lack of fear that is unmatched. Vandals went toe-to-toe with the Roman Empire. After that, Boise State is just a cakewalk.

What Distinguishes Joe Vandal from the Rest? 

While Vandals are some of the toughest people around, Joe Vandal is still a down-to-Earth guy. Some mascots like to walk around like they’re above everyone else, but not Joe Vandal.

You’ll always see him with a smile on his face as he walks through the crowd—he’s as relatable as your Average Joe, but has the intensity and charisma of a true leader.

Joe Vandal’s Campaign Promises

Joe promises to never lose the intensity and fighting spirit that made him such a part of Idaho’s culture. There’s a reason that other Idaho school has blue turf—it’s because they’re scared of Joe Vandal and think that if they blend in, Joe Vandal will back down. Think again. 

Joe Vandal: Unrelenting determination since 1918

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