Iowa Football: Hawkeyes Game Film Review of Ricky Stanzi and Wisconsin Badgers

hawkeye gamefilmContributor IOctober 26, 2010

IOWA CITY, IA - OCTOBER 23- Quarterback Ricky Stanzi #12 of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes throws under pressure from defensive lineman J.J. Watt #99 of the Wisconsin Badgers during the second half of play at Kinnick Stadium on October 23, 2010 in Iowa City, Iowa. Wisconsin won 31-30 over Iowa. (Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images)
David Purdy/Getty Images

This was a strange game to grade for Stanzi. He struggled with his accuracy at times, and at other times, just made throws look easy. Statistically it was his second worst game this year(152.9 rating this game, 149.25 rating against Arizona), and this was largely due to the accuracy issues and throwing a lot more short routes that gained few yards throughout the game.

It seemed to be again part of the game plan to hit receivers short and let them pick YAC and make plays. Stanzi missed a chance to hit McNutt on a go in the first half and also had a couple of off target throws on out routes as well.

On a number of plays, he locked in on his primary target quickly, and as the game went on, Wisconsin started flowing more and more to where Stanzi took them with his eyes. He really needed to make that hurt with some look offs and burn them back across the field.

Some strange play calls on go routes to the short side of the field as they had three short side attempts on go routes, all of which ended in ugly throws where there was no real chance of a completion. They could have been trying to set something up, but I'm not sure what the idea was. It could have been something they saw on film, but both Fenelus and Brinkley were able to play solid press coverage on the short side of the field.

There were a number of times it felt like Stanzi got the ball out quickly because he seemed worried about taking a sack, but for the second straight week, the pass protection was solid. He seemed to be more in game manager mode and more concerned with not making a mistake than attacking downfield mode. If the defense had been playing better, this wouldn't have been an issue, and you could tell this was not a comfort zone for the offense to air it out 37 times.

This wasn't a bad game for Stanzi, but I feel there were some plays left on the field. He did some good things in this game in terms of decision making as evidenced by 0 turnovers.  However it was clear Iowa's two-minute offense wasn't as prepared as it needed to be when they had their backs against the wall.

It's hard to know if the blame falls on the coaching staff or the players, but frankly, it doesn't matter in the end as the result is the same.  Any time there is a loss, there is plenty of blame to go around, and this was no exception. Either way going forward, the two-minute offense was far from the only reason Iowa lost this game, and they'll need to learn from it as there'll likely be some tight games down the stretch. Judging from Ricky's character and personality, he'll be ready to go again next week.


minus-zero Not a very good read here as he got two-man blitz and had the perfect short crossing route to exploit the vacated short zone but locked into his primary and missed the chance to hit Cheney wide open over the middle. He does do a nice job of being patient and letting Cheney break open again and makes a decent throw that was catchable, but it would have been nice had he made the throw to the vacated zone. D2 Play 4

minus-one Poor throw on the go route to McNutt who had beaten his corner and had a couple of steps on him. The ball is way under thrown and close to the sideline and drops incomplete. The safety was a long ways away and Stanzi needed to put that ball where McNutt could make a play on it. D3 Play 5

plus-one Delivered a solid throw in stride on the crossing route. D3 Play 6

plus-one Great job stepping up in the pocket and finds Sandeman over the middle with a very accurate throw. D4 Play 3

minus-one Misses Reisner here on the simple out cut. Got the ball out a little hot here and Reisner couldn’t get to it. D4 Play 4

plus-one Excellent patience here as he waits for the deep come back and makes a good solid throw. D4 Play 6

minus-one Lazy floating pass on the wide side field out to Davis. He had him wide open on this play and needed to deliver a catchable football. D6 Play 2

plus-one Excellent touch on the deep ball. Good read here as he threw a perfect ball here. D6 Play 7

plus-one Nice job throwing the rollout where only his man can get a shot at it. D7 Play 2

plus-one Nice job standing in the pocket here as he feels the blitz and delivers an accurate pass to Reisner short and takes a shot doing it. D7 Play 3

plus-one Great decision to pull this ball down and picks up seven with his legs. D7 Play 8

plus-one Great job to find Mcnutt in the end zone here. Perfect touch on the throw in the back of the end zone. D7 play 14

minus-one Locked into his primary receiver DJK on the short hitch here who had tight coverage. He had McNutt coming wide open over the middle but was locked in on his primary and never looked back to the middle. D8 Play 3

minus-one Escapes the pocket right into a sack. This was Cover 1 with an underneath safety robbing the wide side slant/hook zone, and there was definitely a shot for the big play here. This was a very risky call by Wisconsin, and Stanzi didn't make them pay. Needed to step up in the middle of the pocket here and give the play time to open up or just throw it away. He had a chance to fire up a deep ball to DJK who had his corner beat and Valai playing the midfield safety was playing very shallow. D9 Play 5

plus-one Great job of trusting his receiver over the middle here. He put it up and let his WR go get it. Gusty throw when his team needed it. D10 Play 5

minus-one Throws a terrible looking shovel pass to Robinson and kills the clock to end the game. Terrible decision making here as he had escaped trouble and could have surveyed the field again and set his feet instead of making a terrible pass that hung his RB out. D10 Play 7

Overall: plus-three

_ Left Middle Right Sub-total
Short 6/9 39y 1TD 4/4 47y 1TD 10/11 65y 20/24 151y 2Td
Medium 0/0 0y 2/3 34y 2/5 28y 4/8 62y
Deep 1/4 45y 1TD 0/0 0y 0/1 0y 1/5 45 1TD
Sub-total 7/13 84y 2TD 6/7 81y 1TD 12/17 93y

24/37 258y
7.0 YPA


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