Oregon Ducks Meet Donald Duck: Week 9 Preview

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIOctober 25, 2010

LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 11:   The USC Trojans Song Girls cheerleader team performs in the game with the Virginia Cavaliers at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on September 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. USC won 17-14.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It's the start of 'Hate Month', where we start letting petty differences get in the way of actual football games. And there's a lot of hate to be had this weekend, kids—you just have to look.

Louisiana Tech vs Boise State

If I'm Boise State, I'd be angry. They've been leapfrogged all season long, and there's nothing they can do but pray that Oregon State and Virginia Tech keep on winning games. Boise State will thrash Louisiana Tech on Tuesday night. Hey Boise! Why don't you go to the Pac-10?

Oregon vs USC

The Oregon Ducks quack off to Hollywood this weekend, taking in such sights as freeway blockage, Skid Row and—of course, the pleasant areas of South Central, Watts and the biggest rip-off merchant of them all, Lane Kiffin.

You see, Lane Kiffin's a man who went to Knoxville, sold the kids a dream in Tennessee, and then took it away. It would be so nice if—under the lights of Gameday—he gets trounced at home. We'd laugh. A lot.  We think, however, that Oregon will win by 10—and it'll be close until the fourth quarter. Oh, and on another point - the best thing about USC are those lovely Song Girls, which will face off against (disputedly) the best-loooking cheerleaders in Oregon. We want commentary on BOTH match-ups, ESPN.

Auburn vs Mississippi

Rick Reilly doesn't like the fact that Auburn is No.1. That's OK Rick, nor do I. Oregon should be. Auburn's won most games by the seat of its pants, while Oregon has blown teams away.

But whether he or we like it or not, the Tigers are the No. 1 team in the nation and probably will be for life—right until they lose at Alabama on the final day of the regular season (my prediction).

Cam Newton and Jeremiah Masoli aren't strangers to cuffs but lately it's been hard to cuff both of them. We're definitely going to see both sides score...but Auburn will score more and win by 14.

Michigan at Penn State

This game's not significant to the polls. It's not really significant to the Big Ten, either. It's not significant to anyone but the millions of people who populate Penn State Nation (including this blogger) who ABSOLUTELY HATE THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN.

On the field, Michigan's probably the better side. Denard Robinson more than makes up for the horrific misgivings of the Wolverine defense, and PSU will find it hard to stop him. Tip: Michigan wins—we hate to say—by 14.

Michigan State at Iowa

Kirk Ferentz became the Big Ten version of Les Miles with an horrific time-out taken just before the end of Iowa's excruciating, exciting 31-30 home loss to Wisconsin. We all laughed a little, but thanked God that it wasn't one of our own coaches.

This time, Michigan State, who really should be a one-losser after their fairly dreadful performance at Northwestern go into Kinnick, and the odds are ever so slightly more stacked against them. We're going for Iowa in the upset.

Missouri at Nebraska

What surprised us in the Nebraska-Oklahoma State game was the difference between the first and second half in Stillwater.

In the first half, it was a shoot-out, with both sides failing to stop each other. After Bo Pellini made his adjustments, it was a one way street, with Nebraska dropping 51 on OSU in an upset victory that put them into the "Best in the Big XII" category.

Missouri, however, upset the world when they knocked off Oklahoma, taking advantage of some sorry Sooner mistakes for 60 minutes before invading the field a sea of yellow humanity (note to Wisconsin fans: these boys know how to take down posts, people!!). This week, though, the upset's going to on the Tigers. Nebraska by seven in a thriller.

Florida vs Georgia

The Cocktail Party's one of college football's greatest events, and we're told that the co-eds (and the jorts on the Gator fans!) are a sight to see. What is also a sight to see is Georgia wide receiver AJ Green in full flow.

He wasn't exactly needed against a hapless Kentucky (Washaun Ealey did the job for the Dawgs, scoring five touchdowns). Both will be needed to beat the Gators, who are suffering from this little thing called stung pride. Karma's a bitch isn't it Urban? Anyway, we're calling for a Georgia victory in the best game of the day.

Baylor at Texas

Hold the press. The Baylor Bears are bowl-eligible. The Texas Longhorns aren't...yet. The Baylor Bears have a brilliant athlete-quarterback in Robert Griffin, who will be a steal for any NFL team if he goes into the second round.

The Texas Longhorns have a quarterback in Garrett Gilbert, who's sucked more than succeeded this year. Baylor hasn't played Iowa State. Texas has LOST to Iowa State. Baylor will win. Texas will not. And the calls will grow louder to replace Mack with Muschamp, and anoint Robert Griffin as Waco's second-most famous cult figure.

Cal at Oregon State

Cal's pretty victory over Arizona State pretty much sums up the reason why the Bears are THE Jekyll and Hyde team of the Pac-10. We're predicting the Mr. Hyde comes out on Saturday night in Corvallis. Beavers by four.

Utah State vs TCU

Utah State isn't good, and TCU is. FACT. Horned Frogs by 35.

Tennessee at South Carolina

Tennessee is dreadful. South Carolina is pretty dreadful too, but much better than this lot. Plus, Spurrier owns the State of Tennessee—didn't you know that? South Carolina by 21.