Oregon State and the 5 Most Frustrating BCS Conference Teams

Todd Boldizsar@@toddboldizsarAnalyst IOctober 25, 2010

Oregon State and the 5 Most Frustrating BCS Conference Teams

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    The Bowl Championship Series gods have been quite indecisive this season, as three no. 1 teams have been knocked off in consecutive weeks. Seemingly the very moment a BCS conference school gains a ranking in the AP Top 25, another tally is added to their "L" column.

    When these teams lose, it tightens the neck tie of each BCS pollster, and adds fuel to an already blazing fire in protest to a seemingly flawed system. 

    Here are five teams that are losing in the current BCS, and are frustrating fans, pollsters and officials across the country.

5. Kansas State

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    After beginning the season 4-0, Kansas State was receiving attention as a possible BCS buster, becoming another program of interest in a crowded Big 12.

    However, the team was demolished by a solid Nebraska Cornhuskers squad (13-48) and has since lost again to a surprising Baylor team (6-2).

    The Wildcats have been in rankings limbo for weeks this season, and are on the bubble once again. They face another tough opponent on Saturday in No. 17 Oklahoma State. Again KSU will have to prove themselves, and another loss would be devastating to their BCS hopes.

    With two losses, there is a slim chance they will make a major bowl, and the frustration would come to a peak with a loss to the Cowboys.

4. Virginia Tech

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    After losing by a field goal to No. 3 Boise State in the opening week of the season, Virginia Tech added to its frustration the following game by losing to FCS school James Madison.

    The Hokies have gone on a winning streak since then, taking six in a row including a convincing 41-30 victory over North Carolina State. 

    Tech hits the list for the frustration of "what could have been" had they come up with one more score against the Broncos or a little more focus the following week.

    If the Hokies lose again, all hope of the Top 25 and a large bowl may go down the tubes.

3. Cal

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    As a Pac-10 school in California, much is expected of the Cal Bears, and it seems like they start every season in the AP Top 25, only to struggle and drop out of the top of the conference in the last few seasons.

    Once again the Blue and Gold was ranked entering 2010, and once again they fell from the rankings are now struggling to stay relevant. 

    At times Cal seems like a juggernaut in the Pac-10, destroying Arizona State 50-17, and topping UCLA 35-7. However, debilitating losses to Nevada, Arizona and USC further the frustration of the program and its legion of faithful fans.

    Who knows how long it will be until those rankings stick? The old cliche, "Only time will tell" must be like hearing the USC band play "Ironman" every time it gained three yards against the Bears' defense.

2. Michigan

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    Entering 2010, the Wolverines were riding high on a new face under center, a high-speed running threat with the ability to pass. Denard Robinson electrified an uneasy crowd of Michigan faithfuls right from the start, restoring hope in a program marred with turmoil in recent years.

    However, after starting 5-0 with victories over schools like Connecticut and Notre Dame, the Wolverines were crushed with losses to rival No. 17 Michigan State (17-34) and No. 15 Iowa (28-38) last week.

    Add the health issues of Robinson to the mix, and Michigan is once teetering in the national spotlight, and thoughts of rebuilding are somewhat put on hold.

    Michigan still has some tough conference games on the schedule, including the final two games against No. 10 Wisconsin and No. 11 Ohio State.

    If the Wolverines win out until Wisconsin, they may have to win the last two games just to avoid heartbreak yet again.

1. Oregon State

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    By now we all know the Beavers have had one of the toughest schedules in the country, facing three AP Top 10 schools in their first six games (Arizona was No. 9 when OSU defeated them). 

    After finally beating one of those Top 10 teams (Arizona) in a thriller, Oregon State was riding high and undefeated in the Pac-10. Poised to follow in rival Oregon's footsteps, the Beavers stumbled against Washington, losing in double overtime on a failed two-point conversion.

    OSU is once again out of the rankings, and with a loss to an unranked conference opponent, the frustration has mounted in Corvallis. Fans and officials are looking ahead to the Beavs' remaining schedule, which includes USC, No. 13 Stanford and AP No. 1 Oregon. If these losses continue to unranked teams, Oregon State may be out of luck this season.

    A sophomore QB growing by leaps and bounds has been undercut by key mistakes in the critical moments, and a failing defense has not allowed any room for error. 

    Up next for Oregon State is unranked Cal, another frustrating team looking for redemption and a turning point toward success in their 2010 season. In fact, both teams may be entering this matchup looking to turn their season around and make a statement. Expect emotions to be running high this Saturday at Reser Stadium, with possible BCS implications in the fold.