Oregon Ducks or Auburn Tigers? 5 Potential BCS Championship Showdown Scenarios

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst IOctober 25, 2010

Oregon Ducks Or Auburn Tigers? 5 Potential BCS Championship Showdown Scenarios

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    College football is winding down this season and we have plenty of unbeatens remaining. Who will get to the BCS National Championship game?

    It is a question that has college football fans buzzing across the nation. From Oregon to Alabama, fans are wandering if this is their team's year.

    This article will explore the five most plausible championship game scenarios, and exactly what must happen for each team to get there.

Scenario No. 1: Oregon Ducks (Pac-10 Champs) Vs Auburn Tigers (SEC Champs)

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    Oregon and Auburn are currently No. 1 and No. 2 in the BCS rankings as of October 24, 2010. Thus, this scenario is most likely as of right now.

    Oregon's toughest remaining game, contrary to popular belief, is not the USC game next weekend. The Ducks have overcome the Trojan mental block and should win next weekend.

    Rather, it is the Civil War the Ducks need to worry about. The rivalry game is not in Eugene this season, and Oregon State already played TCU and Boise State tough.

    Auburn is undefeated and leading the SEC West. A friendly schedule looms with one exception—the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban.

    If Auburn can continue to play as they have, and Cam Newton, aka the human battering ram stays healthy, Auburn will defeat a mediocre SEC East champion and move on to the national championship.

    Prediction: Oregon 63 Auburn 56

Scenario No. 2: Oregon Ducks (Pac-10 Champs) Vs Boise State (WAC Champs)

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    What needs to happen for this scenario to play out? Quite simply, both teams need to win out.

    Auburn will need to beat Alabama, and then lose to the SEC East Champion, who at this point could be anyone except Tennessee or Vanderbilt. Logic would dictate it will be from a pool of three teams: Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia.

    In any event, a No. 1 ranked Auburn team who loses in the SEC Title game would vacate the top spot, allowing Oregon to move up to No. 1 and Boise to move up to No. 2.

    What else has to happen? To be sure of this scenario, we need a few other things to fall into place.

    First, Michigan State needs to lose. Just to be on the safe side...

    Then, Missouri needs to make it to the Big 12 Title game undefeated, then lose to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Oklahoma would need to lose to Oklahoma State, just for Boise to sleep well at night. A one loss Oklahoma team could make up a lot of ground on Boise State late in the season.

    As for TCU, in this scenario they would never eclipse Oregon or Boise State so they are irrelevant.

    Prediction: Oregon 31 Boise State 28

Scenario No. 3: Auburn Tigers (SEC Champs) Vs Missouri Tigers (Big 12 Champs)

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    This scenario is a bit stickier, but still very likely. The basic requirements here are an Oregon loss (to any of their remaining Pac-10 opponents) and a Boise State loss.

    Missouri will need to win out, and then repeat the magic they showed in Columbia Saturday night by beating a young, but improving Oklahoma Sooners team. It is never easy to beat a good team twice.

    Can Missouri do it? Only time will tell.

    As for Auburn, obviously the big test remaining is against rival Alabama. It is a rare down season for the SEC East, so if Auburn rolls into the SEC title game undefeated—they have to like their chances.

    Plus, Auburn has something no one else in the country has—all-world QB Cam Newton.

    What else needs to happen for Missouri to feel safe?

    Nothing! A one loss Alabama team will not overtake them. Michigan State and Utah surely won't overtake them. They basically control their own destiny, to an extent.

    An Oregon loss surely will make Mizzou fans sleep better at night, but in the end I believe Mizzou's SOS will help them overtake Boise State.

    Prediction: Auburn 45 Missouri 38

Scenario No. 4: Missouri Tigers (Big 12 Champs) Vs TCU Horned Frogs (MW Champs)

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    Disaster Scenario for television! But score one for the little guys! College football fans, learn the name Andy Dalton!

    How in the world could THIS be our 2010 BCS title game?

    For Missouri, I have detailed what needs to happen. They need to keep winning, and watch Oregon and Boise State lose.

    One problem you say, Michigan State is currently ranked ahead of Mizzou. No worries.

    Mizzou has games against Nebraka and potentially (again) Oklahoma. Their SOS will improve as we wind down the season. Michigan State is barely undefeated, and the odds they will lose at some point are pretty solid.

    So on to TCU. How in the world can TCU play for the national title? Easy....Ready....

    Auburn needs to lose to Alabama, then again to South Carolina in the SEC title game.

    Alabama, after beating Auburn, would be shut out of the SEC title game and thus for all intensive purposes out of the national title talk.

    Oregon needs to lose twice, first to USC this weekend in the Coliseum, then again to Oregon State for good measure.

    Boise State would simply need to lose one time, with the best chance for that happening November 26 against Nevada. It could happen!

    That's it! Your 2010 National Champs are...

    Prediction: Missouri 28 TCU 20

Scenario No. 5 : Alabama Tide (SEC Champs) Vs. Oklahoma Sooners (Big 12 Champs)

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    This is our crazy scenario. The chips really have to fall all over the place for this to happen.

    But it IS possible. Here's how.

    Alabama needs to defeat Auburn, a week after Auburn loses to Georgia. This only happens after Cam Newton is arrested on a trumped up charge of laptop theft. Then, the Tide need to roll over whoever the SEC East presents. Then, they wait.

    While they are doing all this, Oregon needs to lose to USC and Oregon State.

    Meanwhile, TCU and Boise State BOTH need to lose to inferior opponents. Maybe they will crack under the pressure of playing a 2-8 team? Hey, it could happen.

    If that doesn't work, then Nick Saban will need to go on a tirade against Boise and TCU's schedules and how the BCS is a joke. Maybe the voters will listen.

    Missouri will take on Oklahoma in a rematch for the Big 12 title, this time with the Sooners prevailing.

    Along the way, Michigan State needs to predictably fall to some mediocre team in the Big 10.

    And that's really about it.

    Prediction: Alabama 14 Oklahoma 13