Power Rankings 2.0: Oregon Still On Top, Auburn, Missouri Close Behind

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst IOctober 24, 2010

Darron Thomas continues to help Oregon excel as the #1 team
Darron Thomas continues to help Oregon excel as the #1 teamJonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Another weekend, another round of riveting college football games. For those on the East Coast who stayed up until the end, Missouri's win over Oklahoma was significant for several reasons.

First, it proved yet again the initial BCS rankings mean very little. More importantly, it showed Missouri might finally be for real, and they now have to be considered to have an outside chance at the national championship.

To get there, the Tigers will have to likely go through Oklahoma again, but the Big 12 is a bit down this season and the Tigers have the right combination of a smart quarterback and a solid defense to wrap up the Big 12 title. Would that be enough to get Missouri to the BCS Title game? Only time will tell.

Oregon dominated—no, demolished hapless UCLA. The Bruins became a fifty point underdog as soon as their plane landed. Oregon got a national television audience and did not disappoint.

They showed why they are number one in both human polls, and why they should be number one when the BCS rankings come out later today.

The big game Saturday was the SEC tilt between LSU and Auburn. And in the words of super analyst Gary Danielson, one word: "wide open." Danielson and Lundquist's random comments throughout the game were more entertaining than the game itself.

Early on, LSU QB Jordan Jefferson overshot his target and was picked off, prompting Danielson to deliver a classic line: "One word, wide open."

Danielson would later compliment the calves of an Auburn player, while also dishing out random statistics throughout the contest.

When the game actually ended, Auburn and everyone's new favorite player, Cam Newton, squeaked by LSU and solidified their lead in the SEC West.

With no further ado, here is this week's top five teams in college football as I see it. The team's ranking last week is in parentheses.

1. (1) Oregon Ducks (7-0)—Scoring 60 points on UCLA was impressive, as their offensive prowess was in full force. Remaining games against USC, Arizona, Washington and Oregon State will provide solid yet unspectacular competition as the Ducks attempt to improve on last season's Rose Bowl appearance.

QB Darron Thomas and RB LaMichael James are both superstars this season, and the "blur offense" seems to be unstoppable.

2. (4) Auburn (8-0)—Cam Newton is a Heisman front-runner along with Oregon RB LaMichael James, and what a fun game it would be to see Oregon and Auburn square off for the national title.

Auburn's defense showed up to stop an abysmal offensive attack by LSU, and it will have to improve before the Iron Bowl match-up with Alabama. As long as Auburn keeps on winning, they deserve a spot in the top two.

3. (NR) Missouri (7-0)—I have to admit, I thought Oklahoma would demolish Mizzou and I was wrong. Not only were the Tigers not overrated, they are finally a legitimate contender.

This ranking will seem lofty to some, but anytime you are undefeated and defeat the number-one team in the BCS you deserve a lofty ranking.

Mizzou has a star QB in the making in Blaine Gabbert, and their defense did the job last night. Keep in mind Mizzou had two horrendous turnovers, so if they can clean up that part of the game, Mizzou is a tough out.

4. (2) Boise State (6-0)—In this week's poll, having a bye hurts Boise because of the impressive wins by Missouri and Auburn.

UCLA was not a great opponent, but Oregon was spectacular. I continue to propose Boise State cannot make the national title game because their strength of schedule will continue to dimish as they obliterate weaker conference teams.

5. (NR) TCU (8-0)—TCU is in the same position as Boise State, playing weak opponents while the power conference teams play highly-ranked teams.

Nonetheless, TCU continues to churn out win after win, including an impressive 38-7 win over Air Force.

Outside Looking In: Michigan State (yes, a win is a win, but it was Northwestern).


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