Jake Locker: The One That Got Away From the Washington Huskies

Andrew MillerCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2010

For Washington fans, the Jake Locker experience must be like holding out hope for the girl that got away.

You had some tough times together, but the good outweighed the bad enough for you to get through the difficulty.

More accurately, the potential for greatness outweighed the initial struggles. He's an artist? That's okay, she would say. He'll be really successful one day, and who cares about money when we're 21?

Then reality sets in. She rips your heart out and you're bitter, angry and so disappointed in the way she treated you. You feel wronged.

Then you relive all of the memories built over four years, wondering what you did to drive her away.

After a while, only once you've begun to patch your life together again and move on, she reopens communication.

Skepticism reigns supreme at first; you're right to be uneasy and unsure if you can take the pain of starting to believe again.

However, eventually you can't help but have visions of the comeback; she'll admit she made a mistake and can't live without you, you'll be the bigger man who can put aside your pain by welcoming her back with open arms, and the two of you can then live happily ever after.

When she calls saying she has something important to tell you, your heart skips a beat.

It skips a few more when it turns out she's calling to inform you that she's met someone else.

Next thing you know you're in the shower screaming this (3:37 mark), not realizing you forgot to close the bathroom window, so now the whole neighborhood can hear your mix of tones and tears.

Yes, I'm somehow still talking about football.

(Why? Whyyyyyy can't it be miiiiiiiiiiiiine?)

Oy. Someone get that guy out of here. He's ruining the vibe.

Anyway, fans in Seattle must have reached this point with Jake after the 44-14 drubbing put on the Huskies this past Saturday in Arizona.

After years of potential, and positive feelings that this was finally the time for it all to come together, the 2010 season started awfully for Washington with an opening loss at BYU and a complete decimation at home by Nebraska.

The 56-21 home defeat was the initial break up. Fans were lost for words, unable to truly understand what just happened.

The seesawing of emotions after that (beating USC, losing to Arizona State, surviving Oregon State) was like over-analyzing every cryptic word the girl said to you after the break.

What did she really mean when she said she missed talking to me?

When she told me not to worry about her boss because he's 65, was it because she still thinks we're going to get back together? (USC)

This is ludicrous, get a hold of yourself man! It's over! (Arizona State)

I think she still loves me! (Oregon State)

We all know what Arizona was.

We don't know what the future holds for either parties in this situation. All we do know for sure is that it has become toxic. Washington, it's time to cut the chord and end the Jake Locker Era. You don't have to live through the pain any longer.

If Locker leads the Buffalo Bills to the Super Bowl in 2015, I'll be sure to blast some Pearl Jam in your honor.

I won't be cruel and now mention the possibility Kevin Durant will have already won a title or two for Oklahoma City by then.

(I think that still constitutes mentioning it, you a@$)

Hey now, that's uncalled for. Go back to pining, you sap.


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