BCS Rankings Week 9: 10 Teams That Benefit Most From Oklahoma Loss

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 24, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 9: 10 Teams That Benefit Most From Oklahoma Loss

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    Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    For the third straight week, the No. 1 team has fallen.

    Three weeks ago, Alabama was voted No. 1 before they fell to South Carolina. A week later, it was Ohio State but that was short-lived before they too fell victim to the upset bug after losing to Wisconsin.

    This week, it's the Oklahoma Sooners.

    The math was run by several different computers and they spit out the Sooners as the No. 1 team. No matter how many of us college football fans jumped up and down about them being there, it was to no avail and Oklahoma fans told us just to deal with it and that they deserved to be there.

    Less than a week later, the Sooners fell to the Missouri Tigers. Apparently they actually believed they were the best team in the land.

    Though I will have to give Missouri credit. I didn't give the team that almost lost to San Diego State a chance to win this game, so well done, boys.

    So who benefits the most from the Sooners' loss tonight? I'm glad you asked. Here are the 10 teams I believe will benefit the most from how tonight went down.

No. 10: Ohio State

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    After Ohio State lost to Wisconsin last week, they needed a loss by a few teams in front of them to climb back up the top 10.

    That's exactly what they got with not only an Oklahoma loss but LSU as well.

No. 9: Utah

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    Say what you want about Utah or the schedule the Utes play, but staying unbeaten and having the top team in the country (according to the BCS) fall will push them closer to the top.

No. 8: Michigan State

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    An eight-point win over Northwestern wasn't going to do Michigan State any favors in the polls.

    They will benefit from Oklahoma losing, but they needed to put up a bigger margin of victory for the computers to see more in them than the humans have seen.

No. 7: Wisconsin

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    Surprise, surprise.

    Wisconsin could be the team that might benefit more than you think they might. After a win over Ohio State at home last week, they went out to Iowa and took them down as well.

    It might not have been a big win points wise, but two big victories in a row will have a lot of people talking.

No. 6: Missouri

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    I will need to apologize to the Missouri Tigers because that's twice now that I've counted them out and twice they've made me eat my words.

    The first time was at home against San Diego State, a game they should have lost but didn't, and the second was at home against top-ranked Oklahoma.

    What else can Missouri do to shock people this year?

No. 5: Alabama

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    Two weeks after Alabama became the first No. 1 team to lose that to spot, they have been the ones laughing at the last two teams to hold that spot.

    After a blowout win over Tennessee earlier today, the Crimson Tide look to push themselves back up the polls and could do that with the help of the BCS.

    With them being in the SEC, they will move up more spots than the likes of Utah and TCU.

No. 4: TCU

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    TCU has quietly put up win after win and seems to be the one team that continues to not get noticed.

    Boise State has the nation's attention as does Oregon, but TCU is wondering when they're going to get theirs.

    With the Sooners losing, and the Horned Frogs throttling Air Force, maybe TCU will start getting noticed.

No. 3: Boise State

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    Boise State actually might be one team that might get hurt with all that's gone on today.

    They're the one team that has a bye week and, with Auburn, TCU and Oregon all winning, they could find themselves further on the outside.

No. 2: Auburn

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    With a win over LSU today, Auburn has further solidified themselves as one of the best teams in college football.

    Every time they need a big win or a big performance, they seem to come up with a little extra to get it done.

    I'm not going to be the least bit shocked if they end up passing up Boise State in the polls come Sunday afternoon.

No. 1: Oregon

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    Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

    The Oregon Ducks will be the one team that will benefit the most from the Sooners dropping a disappointing game in Missouri.

    The Ducks have waited their turn, they believe they are the best team in the country but apparently the computers didn't agree.

    Now they get the last laugh as the computer's choice ended up losing less than a week after Oklahoma was put in that position.

    If Oregon does get the BCS votes, they need to step up and prove it like they have week in and week out.