Cyclowned: Struggling Iowa State Tops Texas in Austin

Keenan WomackContributor IIIOctober 23, 2010


AUSTIN—Inconsistency has a new face. And that face is 2010 Longhorn football.

During FSN commentator Dave Lapam's intense battle with broadcasting professionalism (anyone catch the "too Maggit to quit" comment?) occurred the execution of Longhorn football dignity.

After a monumental upset on the road against Nebraska last week, the Longhorns and Garrett Gilbert decided to spit the bit and drop one to Iowa State for the first time in their school's history, further confirming belief that this is the worst Longhorn football team since Mack Brown took over.

Eerily reminiscent of their game against UCLA a few weeks ago, Texas effectively destroyed the slim hope that they had of winning the Big 12 with the egg they laid on the field against the Cyclones.

Five-star high school recruit Garrett Gilbert was handily outperformed by 3-star high school recruit Austen Arnaud.

Four-star Longhorn running backs Cody Johnson and Fozzy Whittaker were outperformed by 3-star running back Alexander Robinson.

Two-star wide receiver Josh Lenz caught a touchdown against future NFL defensive back Kenny Vaccaro.

The bottom line is, Texas' world-class talent isn't producing. Gilbert just isn't a transcendent player. Johnson, Whittaker and Newton aren't consistently getting even four yards a carry. Texas' offense dwells among the cellars of NCAA offensive production.

Expect no major changes in offensive consistency for the rest of the season. As far as I'm concerned, no game for the rest of the year can be considered a "gimme" game.

We need to realize that this year's Texas team won't be going anywhere. A painful revelation for us spoiled fans? Maybe. But remember, acceptance is part of the grieving process.


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