Pac-10's Larry Scott Announces Pac-12 Conference Divisions and Championship Game

Christopher Adams@@ChrisAdams3Correspondent IOctober 21, 2010

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott announced the finalized plans for the upcoming Pac-12 Conference on Thursday.

The first announcement was the finalization of equal media revenue sharing within the conference, for the first time in Pac-10 history. It is set to begin in 2012, when new media contracts are formed.

Scott continued with the announcement of set divisions for the Pac-12, stating that the North-South divisional split best suits the conference.

Included in the North Division are: Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, California, and Stanford.

While the South Division incorporates the remaining teams in Arizona, Arizona State, USC, UCLA and newcomers, Utah and Colorado.

The decision on the north-south split was based on three reasons. Geography, competitive balance and to rivalry protection.

Competitive balance statistics were used by researching the overall strength of each division's teams in the history of the conference. Ultimately, this provided a fair balance within each division.

All natural and historic rivalries will be kept completely intact within the new conference makeup.

The Pac-12 Conference will continue with a nine-game conference schedule, in which each team will play the other five teams within their division, leaving four cross-divisional games and three out-of-conference games.

Another topic of debate since the inception of the Pac-12, has been the location of the newly formed Pac-12 Championship Game, in which the conference is now eligible after totaling 12 member schools.

The Conference Championship Game will incorporate the winners from each division and will be played on the home field of the overall conference winner.

Scott explained the overall conference winner as the divisional winner who has the best overall conference record. In case of a tie, other factors will be taken into account to decide will have the home field advantage.

An example of this would be Oregon winning the North Division with a 9-0 conference record and Arizona winning the South Division with an 8-1 conference record. In that scenario, the championship game would be held at Oregon.