Taylor Martinez Pulls Vanishing Act As Nebraska Falls to Texas

Keenan WomackContributor IIIOctober 20, 2010

Not Again!
Not Again!Eric Francis/Getty Images

For Nebraska, the setup couldn't have been any better: A struggling, 3-2 Texas Longhorns team which couldn't seem to get five yards downfield all season would be visiting the Sea of Red to take on the fifth-ranked Cornhuskers, a team whom many picked to win the Big 12 and possibly compete for a National Championship.

But after a disappearing act by Taylor "T-Magic" Martinez and a complete failure on the part of the wide receivers, Texas was able to give Nebraska a nice parting gift on their way to the Big Ten.

This huge upset victory seems to be the redeemer of this season. After getting pounded at home by UCLA and losing to OU in back-to-back games, a lot of fans were starting to worry.

One thing Texas proved in this game is that they still have heart, specifically on the defensive end of the ball. In the UCLA game especially, Texas' defense limped out in the second half with their tails between their legs and allowed a mediocre Pac-10 team to run all over them.

Texas' defense finally decided to man up against the Huskers, allowing only 125 yards on 44 carries and only two rushes for more than 10 yards.

In fact, the leading rusher of the game was Texas' Cody Johnson, who had 11 carries for 73 yards, followed by Longhorn Garrett Gilbert, who had 11 caries for 71 yards and two touchdowns.

It turns out that I was partially correct in my prediction article. I said that if we shut down Nebraska's running game, then the Huskers won't manage more than 17 points. As for the rest of my predictions, well, I'm glad that the Longhorns proved me wrong.

I couldn't stand losing three in a row.


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