Iowa Hawkeyes Film Review of Ricky Stanzi: Michigan Wolverines

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STATE COLLEGE, PA - SEPTEMBER 26:  Head coach Kirk Ferentz of the Iowa Hawkeyes talks with Ricky Stanzi #12 while playing the Penn State Nittnay Lions  on September 26, 2009 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. Iowa won the game 21-10. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

A bit of a strange game from Stanzi. He made some great throws in this one, but at other times looked like he was a bit off. He put up great numbers and led his team to the win but didn't really look comfortable in the pocket most of the day.It seemed like he expected far more pressure from the Michigan defense which was held at bay by the pass protection all day.

He got the ball out very quickly most of this game and it seemed to be by design as they targeted 70 percent of the throws under 10 yards in this one. A lot of those short throws went for big gains as Iowa's receivers consistently picked up big YAC.

His accuracy wasn't great at the start, but he got most passes where receivers could get two hands on them(including the McNutt drop on a slant) and did look better as the game went on.  

It looked like he was shaking a bit of rust off after the week off and he should be sharper next week. His arm strength continues to improve from a year ago and it's good to see consistency in that department.

The audible situation was an interesting one to watch unfold. A couple of times Iowa made good audibles and a couple of others they missed their chance to hit Michigan where it hurt.

It definitely seemed the crowd noise was a factor late in this one and it made it hard to change calls at the line.

I would guess they'll make some tweaks to their audible calls this week, especially on their scripted series.

I find it pretty interesting that Stanzi was the Big 10 Offensive Player of the Week. His numbers were pretty solid, but it definitely wasn't his best game of the year. Pretty good news for your team if your QB can get an honor like this while having a bit of an "off" day.


-1 A poor read here as it was cover 3 with two seam routes called from the outside receivers and he didn’t even give it a chance to develop and he checked down immediately.

Both McNutt and DJK had slipped into the natural pocket behind the LB’s and in front of the S’s against a very suspect Michigan pass defense.

+1 Nice patience in the pocket here as he waits for the underneath coverage to wash out of the hook zone as he puts a good accurate pass into McNutt’s hands on the inside stop route. D3 Play 2

-1 Very poor decision here as he almost throws a huge interception in the red zone. He read the CB blitz here, but the throw was way too late. He either needed to throw this with a one step drop and 3-5 yards yard down field or pump fake to get the safety biting up and put it in the back of the end zone for an easy TD. D3 Play 9

+1 Good ball and read here as he drops the ball right where it needs to be for the TD. DJK had beaten the coverage on the double move and no one was within 5 yards of him. D4 Play 4

+1 Excellent job reacting to the corner blitz this time and gets the ball out quickly to the receiver he vacated. Nice poise here and definitely learned his lesson earlier. D5 Play 2

-1 For no reason whatsoever he escapes the pocket and then runs out of bounds for a loss of 4 instead of throwing it away. Terrible decision making here as if he was going to scramble anywhere he’d have been far better served to go to the left and some open grass instead of back-tracking around Zusevics and running out for a loss. D5 Play 3

-0 Threw this pass way too late into cover 2 and with too much loft as he tried to hit DJK up the field. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume this throw was due to Michigan having such poor play from their safeties.

DJK did have a shot at the ball, but he didn't track it very well and dropped incomplete. He did hang this pass up though and a better safety likely would have picked this ball off . D7 Play 3

+1 Good PA fake and an excellent throw to a wide open McNutt down the middle. D8 Play 1

+1 Good job reading the all out blitz here and he gets this ball out in perfect timing to a wide open DJK for an easy score. D9 Play 4

+1 Nice job getting this ball out with the pressure coming. Wasn't a great ball but with pressure in his face it wasn't a bad effort. D11 Play 7

-1 Threw the ball into a lot of traffic towards Reisner instead of looking where the blitz came from where Herman was WIDE open on a shallow crossing route and he probably would have walked into the end zone. D11 Play 10

Overall: +2

Passing chart:

_ Left Middle Right Sub-total
Short 3/5 40y 5/6 63y 2TD 6/6 68y 14/17 171 2TD
Medium 1/2 11y 1/1 34y 0/2 0y 3/5 45y
Deep 0/0 0y 0/0 0y 1/2 31y 1TD 1/2 31y 1TD
Sub-total 4/7 51y 3/7 97y 2TD 6/8 68y 1TD

17/24 248y 3TD 0INT


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