C'mon Man: NFL Countdown Segment Continues To Knock The SEC

Christopher Williams@@6thCLagniappeCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2010

If you watch NFL countdown on Monday nights before Monday Night Football then you are familiar with "C'mon Man". For those of you who are not, it is a segment on Monday night countdown in which each member of the countdown crew picks a mess up of some sort that happened over the weekend. Most of them are from NFL games, but occasionally they will pick one from somewhere else. When LSU beat Tennessee this year, the end of that game made "C'mon Man" because despite the clock management issues LSU had, they were still able to win because Tennessee had thirteen men on the field. One of the guys countdown made a joke geared towards the SEC, I am paraphrasing but he basically said that he knows its the SEC, but they should at least be able to count.

Obviously, both LSU and Tennessee were the butt of many jokes that week so I did not think much of it until tonight. An officiating mix-up during the Florida/Mississippi St game made tonight's "C'mon Man" and yet again more shots were taken at the SEC. Outside of football, the perception of the SEC is nothing to be proud of. I understand the rest of the country thinks that SEC schools care more about football than academics, but it seems like a few of the guys on the Monday night countdown crew have something personal against the SEC. There are many mistakes made every week throughout college football yet the mistakes made in SEC games are featured on "C'mon Man" and shots are taken at the conference as a whole. This lead me to do a search on top publicly funded universities just to see where SEC schools rank academically. 

I found a ranking on USN titled "Best Colleges 2011" and it ranked 107 universities. SEC universities ranked as followed:

17. University of Florida 

18. University of Georgia (3)

34. University of Alabama (3)

38. University of Auburn 

47. University of Tennessee (4)

52. University of South Carolina (4)

60. LSU (2)

63. University of Kentucky (2)

66. University of Arkansas (3)

72. Ole Miss (6)

79. Mississippi State (1)

* number in parenthesis indicates the number of other universities that share the same ranking. 

There are five SEC universities ranked in the top 50. Some notiable non-SEC schools ranked below 50 are as followed: North Carolina State, Oregon, Oklahoma, Washington State, Arizona, Colorado State, Utah, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, West Virginia. 

The "dumbest" BCS conference appears to be the Big East, but I did not look at private universities so my assessment might not be 100% accurate, however; off the top of my head I know the SEC has Vanderbilt and the PAC 10 has Stanford. Either way, I am just curious as to why the SEC is viewed as a "dumb" conference? Is it envy? After all, the SEC owns six of the twelve BCS titles. Is it because the only college football games these guys watch is SEC games? Since the only mistakes they highlight is from SEC games I assume this is the case, but if they dislike the SEC so much then why are they watching SEC football? 

I am sure some of you are reading this and asking yourself why I am wasting my time addressing this,but I guess since I attend an SEC school it bothers me a little bit when our academics are not taken serious.