College Football Poll With a Warning Label: Boise State No. 1, TCU No. 2

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIOctober 17, 2010

One of these Intuitive Top Ten teams will hold 2010's crystal football.
One of these Intuitive Top Ten teams will hold 2010's crystal football.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I awakened early to put my poll together before 10:30 Mass.

Although I worked with the Associated Press Week 7 Top 25 poll that many members of the media voted on, I have the only votes in my Intuitive Top 10.

Without further explanation, here it is:

  1. Boise State:  I'm giving the Broncos a chance at the title game. If they're undefeated, they're either No. 1 or No. 2.  If Boise State loses to any team from that questionable schedule, they'd better hope the bungee cord is attached.
  2. TCU:  My intuition is to see these two fight it out in Glendale.  By virtue of the schedule with Air Force and at Utah, TCU has the better opportunity to take the top spot.  They must also win out.
  3. Oregon:   The Ducks play a Pac Ten schedule from here to the end that is challenging. However, considering the lack of respect for the league, Oregon will not get in with one loss, even if Boise State and/or TCU stumble.
  4. Auburn:  The Tigers are in a tough SEC West as division foes LSU and Alabama are on the ominous horizon. To control their destiny, Auburn has to win out, win the West, and win the SEC championship game.
  5. Oklahoma:  The Sooners' Big XII schedule from here is manageable.  To put them in a position to climb and claw to the Big Game, Oklahoma will have to get help and win the conference championship, probably against Nebraska.
  6. Alabama:  With victories over LSU at Death Valley and against Auburn in the Iron Bowl, 'Bama still has to win the SEC championship.  The good thing for Alabama is that a one-loss SEC champion trumps one-loss Oregon and a one-loss Oklahoma via strength of schedule.
  7. Ohio State:  Right around this spot in the polls is where the top ranked teams land who have fallen from grace.  The most difficult game remaining is at Iowa.  That matchup can probably be called the conference's championship, but the Buckeyes would still need a lot of assistance, like someone beating Michigan State.
  8. LSU:  Talk about winning funky!  The Tigers have taken a team that was missing a few parts and have made themselves an exciting contender.  We'll know on November 6 as the games with Auburn and Alabama will be in the books.  LSU will still need help and a conference title.
  9. Michigan State:  By overcoming also-ran preseason rankings and a heart attack, Michigan State has replaced Boise State as the darling of the casual college football observer.  An undefeated Big Ten slate might work wonders, but a chance at the national championship could be out of Sparty's reach.  Everything's coming up Roses.
  10. Utah:  Interesting that two members from the Mountain West have usurped the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big East Conference from Top Ten slots.  TCU visits the Utes in three weeks, then Utah gets national exposure in South Bend against Notre Dame.


As we stand here embarking upon Week 8, your 2010 national champion will most likely come from that Intuitive Top 10.

But, I'm just the piano player.  Watch the BCS show tonight as we chart the course to the crystal football in January.