NCAA Football's Unbelievable Upset Saturday: Week 7 Quick Round-Up

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIOctober 16, 2010

MADISON, WI - OCTOBER 16: Wisconsin Badger players and fans celebrate a win over the Ohio State Buckeyes at Camp Randall Stadium on October 16, 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin. Wisconsin defeated Ohio State 31-18. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We were proved wrong on many occasions this weekend (pre-Oregon State at Washington). Here's just a few:

  1. We thought Ohio State would beat Wisconsin. WRONG! Wisconsin gets a kickoff return lead, plays one half of brilliant football and puts down No. 1, 31-18, in a frenetic atmosphere at Camp Randall. Kirk Herbstreit did well not to sound disappointed. Yours truly did well not to laugh (much).
  2. We thought Nebraska would beat Texas by double-digits. WRONG! Texas comes out to play, completely blocks up the lanes for Taylor Martinez, and then, using Will Muschamp laser-brain-crap, Nebraska contrive to drop EIGHT passes (of which two of them were end-zone bound), and Texas looks streets better than the UCLA loss. Or is the Big XII North just this bad?
  3. We didn't pay any attention to Mississippi State-Florida, thinking the Gators would simply take the Bulldogs behind the woodshed. WRONG! The Bulldogs smothered Florida in a mistake-filled, awful game that they ended up winning, 10-7, basically thanks to two missed Chase Henry field goals. The hottie co-eds don't look so hot when they look drunk and upset. We couldn't be thinking less about the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville right now, which will feature two awful SEC sides (Georgia might win, by the way).
  4. We thought that Kentucky would lay down and die against South Carolina. WRONG! Kentucky DID lay down and die—but in the first three quarters of the game. But the Wildcats go their butts in gear, and won 31-28, thanks to Stephen Garcia once again returning to the happy spot of goat with a last-ditch interception pass, making 'The Visor' look like an idiot. Which is never a bad thing...
  5. We thought that Auburn-Arkansas would be a tight-fought battle. WRONG! Er, if 65-43 is tight-fought, then the VFA is truly the son of God (we're not, by the way!). We will say that Ryan Mallett was out for most of this game for the Razorbacks, but Tyler Wilson was a pretty darned good replacement, throwing for 332 yards. But he didn't score the TDs—Cameron Newton did, throwing for one and running for three more. Auburn also used a lot of ground game to win this one—like Alabama did in Fayetteville a few weeks ago (speaking of Alabama, we don't anticipate many shocks there!). Having said that, this game was a lot closer than it looked (44-43 mid-way through the fourth quarter).
  6. We thought that Nevada would win on the road at Hawaii and Missouri will lose on the road at A&M. WRONG! They didn't.


(We were right about a few things: Washington over Oregon State, Kentucky over South Carolina—which made us feel better. Ego-bruising's aren't fun for the VFA)

But you know what? We love to be wrong. That's the beauty of college football, isn't it?

Oh, and did you know that 'Jump Around' at Camp Randall also applied to ice hockey games, too?

But the football one absolutely ROCKS...