College Football's What-If Weekend: What If Nebraska and Ohio State Fall?

Puppet MasterCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 11:  Jeremiah Masoli #8 of the Ole Miss Rebels looks to the sideline during a timeout against the Tulane Green Wave at the Louisiana Superdome on September 11, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With so much on the line going into the middle of October it is not uncommon to find a weekend of monumental upsets.

The upcoming contests on Saturday could signal such a weekend.

"What if" is a phrase heard often this time of the season. It circles around the disappointment of lost opportunity and returns the person making such a comment to the world of unlimited possibilities.

Let us examine the mythical world of "what if" at this point of the college football season.

No. 1: Question: 
What if Nebraska loses to Texas this week?

Answer: A good possibility exits for a surprising result with a number of potential effects to the national rankings and bowl scene. The Cornhuskers played their best game of the season last time out and this is often reflected in only a workman-like following performance for the majority of teams.

Result: A danger zone for Nebraska exists against Texas. Upset Alert.

No. 2: Question:
What if Alabama has not recovered emotionally from losing to South Carolina? Will they be able to handle the Ole Miss Rebels?

Answer: Alabama recovered by Wednesday.

Result: No danger at all for Alabama. The Crimson Tide will route Ole Miss by at least 20 points.

No. 3: Question
: What if Oklahoma State continues to run the table? Can the Cowboys make the BCS Title Game?

Answer: Oklahoma State is likely to be beaten this week by Texas Tech leaving the Cowpokes with no shot at the BCS Title. 

Result: Oklahoma State is in a high danger zone with a warning of high upset alert.

No. 4: Question:
What if Oregon State continues to build upon their win at Arizona, could they win the Pac-10 and go to the Rose Bowl?

Answer: Oregon State is likely to be beaten this week by the Washington Huskies leaving the Beavers scrambling for a second tier bowl game.

Result: Oregon State is in a high danger zone with a warning of high upset alert.

No. 5: Question:
What if Ohio State loses to Wisconsin?

Answer: Let's put the answer in the form of a question: how good a coach is Jim Tressel? The possibility exists for the Badgers to win at home, a victory that would benefit Alabama because the Buckeyes are a team the Tide cannot vault over in the polls if Ohio State remains undefeated.

Result: Ohio State is in a danger zone with the warning of upset alert.

No. 6: Question:
What if South Carolina wins the rest of their games, can they be a contender for the BCS Title Game?

Answer: They could be but they won't be. South Carolina has accomplished what they intended to do this season and is in real danger of being beaten by Kentucky. Such an upset would sentence the Gamecocks to second page of the sports section for the rest of the year.

Result: South Carolina is in a high danger zone with a warning of high upset alert.

No. 7:
What if favored Iowa defeats Michigan by a large margin this weekend, can Denard Robinson continue as a legitimate candidate for the Heisman Trophy?

Answer: This is tricky. Some in Iowa may believe they will run Michigan off the field but that is not going to happen. Iowa is actually in danger of being upset by a hard charging Denard Robinson and his Wolverines. Robinson may have a much better than expected performance against the slower outside defense of the powerful Hawkeyes.

Result: The Hawkeyes are in a danger zone with a warning of upset alert.

No. 8: Question
: What if Auburn enters the Iron Bowl clash with an undefeated record? Could a victory over Alabama vault the Tigers into the BCS Title game?

Answer: That is not likely to happen. Auburn is in real danger of being challenged beyond their ability to respond by a rugged series of foes before the Alabama contest. It will take an outstanding performance by Tiger quarterback Cam Newton to pull out a victory over Arkansas.

Result: The Tigers are in a high danger zone with a warning of high upset alert.

No. 9: Question
: What if Missouri continues to stay undefeated? Has the national media unfairly ignored the Tigers? 

Answer: No. Texas A&M is likely to beat Missouri this week and end all of the promotional discussion regarding Mizzou.

Result: Missouri is in a high danger zone with a warning of high upset alert.

No. 10: Question
: What if Air Force continues to win and win big? Can the surprising Falcons usurp the Mountain West Title and qualify for a BCS Bowl? 

Answer: The Air Force is likely to be upset this week by San Diego State.

Result: The Falcons are in a high danger zone with a warning for high upset alert.

No. 11: Question:
What if Michigan State finishes 12-0? Can the Spartans jump past other Big Ten contenders to make the BCS Title game?

Answer: The Spartans are facing a dangerous group in the Fighting Illini. Coach Ron Zook of Illinois is noted for being the cow's tail in the milk pail. 

Result: Michigan State is likely to face as much of a challenge this weekend as they will be exposed to the rest of the season. The Spartans are in a danger zone with a warning of upset alert.