College Football Heisman Rankings: Volume II

Andrew ReussContributor IOctober 13, 2010

1.) LaMichael James, Oregon RB

James is putting up absurd numbers right now, and is the main reason Oregon is playing so well. If Oregon can continue to win and James keeps putting up these numbers it will be very hard to knock him out of the top three. James also holds the advantage of being the only RB in serious contention.

Stats: 141 Carries 848 Yards 9 TD's/3 Catches 96 Yards 1 TD

2.) Kellen Moore, Boise State QB
Moore has been very impress thus far for Boise. He is the unquestioned leader and with the rumors of the Broncos holding the #1 spot in the BCS rankings that will come out later this week, all eyes will be on Moore. If the Broncos can run the table and stay perfect Moore will be a serious threat to win it.

Stats: 91-135 1,336 Yards 14 TD's 1 INT

3.) Denard Robinson, Michigan QB
Well, we all saw it coming, Michigan lost in it's first test of the Big 10 schedule via blowout to MSU. Denard didn't have a great game but Michigan probably has the worst defense of anyone in the top 25 and when Denard has to play from behind he struggles throwing the ball. Still, Denard has ridiculous numbers and is as talented as anyone on this list, nevertheless his chances at winning will continue to decline if Michigan can't get it's defense together. No way he wins this if Michigan finishes with 3+ losses.

Stats: 84-125 1223 Yards 8 TD's 4 INT/119 Carries 991 Yards 9 TD's

4.) Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State QB
Pryor is the pilot of the new #1 team in the country and played out of his mind against Indiana last week. Pryor's weakness is his throwing ability and it will be tested against a good Wisconsin team this weekend. If Pryor can come out of Wisconsin with a solid performance and a W it will do wonders for his Heisman stock.

Stats: 104-153 1,349 Yards 15 TD's 3 INT/57 Carries 354 Yards 3 TD's

5.) Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State WR

Number 5 on this list is usually a dark horse for us, so this week we have Blackmon from Oklahoma State, he is an absolute beast and is putting up insane numbers. His numbers are too good to be ignored and even through it is really hard for WR's to win the Heisman, he should at least get mention.

Stats: 47 Catches 748 Yards 11 TD's

Awesome vid of LaMichael James in HS

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