Miami Hurricanes Face Volatile Storm On BCS Ocean, It's Now Or Never

Matthew WilderContributor IOctober 12, 2010

Will Jacory Harris help Miami bounce back?
Will Jacory Harris help Miami bounce back?Doug Benc/Getty Images

The Hurricanes clearly lost a game they should have won. They were in their home stadium, had home field advantage in the big rivalry against the Florida State Seminoles and lost badly.  How does a team lose 45-17 when they are the better team, at home, supposedly safe, and fail to deliver? Something was wrong with that picture.

The defense should have shut the Seminoles down from the word go. How is it that Florida State manhandled the defense? This isn't right considering the Hurricanes have one of the most feared defenses in college football. That was just a disgusting performance, not just by the defense, but by the whole team.

Blame Jacory Harris all you want. Of course, he needs to stop throwing so many interceptions and practically handing over a win. He has underperformed during a season of high expectations. However, the defense didn't do their part in this game. Harris didn't have much a chance to lead the Hurricanes to victory. The Orange Bowl was on the line and Miami is in big time danger of not making it.

Considering the grim possibility that 3-5 teams could be undefeated, the odds are severely against Miami of making any BCS bowl game. They have to win out and that is not likely to be enough. In fact, another thing that could hurt Miami in the BCS selections is the poor performance of the conference. North Carolina has showed some promise, but they have also showed signs of weakness. Miami, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech are struggling. Florida State has taken over. This was supposed to be a five headed monster. Well, three of those heads were cut off and a fourth head could be severed if the Tar Heels lose a few more games.

Hopefully, Miami will bounce back and at least make a run for the Capital One Bowl.