Husker Fan's Guide to Texas Longhorns Football: A Quick Reference

Andrew 'Martie' CarlsonCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2010

DALLAS - OCTOBER 02:  Quarterback Garrett Gilbert #7 of the Texas Longhorns reacts during play against the Oklahoma Sooners at the Cotton Bowl on October 2, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Huskers defeat the Texas Longhorns.  It could happen, but then again the Husker Nation might find itself pinned with their first loss of the season.  So far this year, Texas hasn’t played together as a team; at least not to the level they are accustomed.  But beware; they have had a full two weeks to practice and study the Huskers. Mack Brown and his staff are certainly working harder than ever to avoid their first three-game skid.

Winning won’t be easy?    

This is a good bunch of athletes playing football for Texas.  We shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves considering the Longhorns field a team consisting of a who’s who of Texas football.  They get the best players in Texas year in and year out, they have the pick of the best pool of recruits in the country. 

This pool of players provides the Texas Longhorns with one of the top rated recruiting classes every year.  It should be no surprise that theTexas Longhorns can field a good team year in and year out.

So who are these guys?  Here is my quick list of players for Husker fans to watch and why.

Garrett Gilbert: Over the first five games Garrett is completing 63 percent of his passes with a passer rating of 118.82.  He is only a sophomore running a complex football system. 

With two weeks off there is no doubt he has done a lot of work and will be much improved, improved over great numbers should worry Husker fans more than just a little.  He has a list of awards from his high school career as long as his arm including the Gatorade football player of the year.  I have no doubt that he could play on Sundays after his Longhorn career.

Foswhitt Whittaker: Leading the team with 47 carries at an average of 5 yards per carry.  Whitaker would be something special at most schools but at Texas he is just one of many talented running backs. Anyone that they may place in the game at the running back position will be big, fast and dangerous.

Wide receivers are Kirkendoll and Davis.  Davis is a freshman and has the potential of being extremely dangerous.  He is quickly developing and is due a break out game.  Kirkendoll is reliable and fast, he is not a player that can be taken lightly.  Together they are a formidable duo, if either falters they have a number of players with almost equal talent on the bench.

The line is solid and big, they are just beginning to gel and will provide a good foundation for the offense.  Then there are the tight ends Smith and Matthews, both are excellent blockers on running plays.  Although Texas usually uses their tight ends for blocking, each of these tight ends will have two or three balls thrown to them each game.  They will hurt you if you don’t assign good coverage when they go down field.

The defense is the strength of the Longhorns team and Linebackers Acho, Earnest and Robinson are big, fast and like to hit and hit hard.  They lead a dynamic defense that likes to blitz from any position. 

Husker quarterback play and game situational understanding will be vital in dialing up the protection. Assignments cannot be missed or it will be a long day for the Husker offense. Watch Acho, he is the key and probably their best player on the field.

How tough will it be to win?  Incredibly, the press conferences at each of the schools have been very low key.  Both head coaches have gone out of their way not to say anything inflammatory.  That should be a testament to how tough this game will be for both teams. We will soon find out.