Will a One-Loss Alabama Deserve a National Title Shot? A Case For Yes!

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IOctober 11, 2010

Will a One-Loss Alabama Deserve a National Title Shot? A Case For Yes!

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    Should Alabama deserve another shot at a National Championship?

    Last year, there was no question that one of the two teams in the BCS Championship Game should have been Alabama. Never before had one team played so many top 10 teams in one year and walked away unscathed.

    This year, the debate will be loud and boisterous from many different schools on who deserves to be the "other" team.

    Should Alabama deserve a title shot if they win out?

    Let's look at the reasons why this author says yes!

Strength of Schedule

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    No other BCS contender played this kind of schedule

    No other team in current consideration will have played more teams that appeared in the top 10 and top 20 than Alabama will by the season's end.

    They will have played five teams that were in the top10 and one in the top 20. That's half of the total regular-season schedule in the top 20 and almost half in the top 10.

    If this doesn't have great consideration in the debate, there simply is no fairness for teams that play so many quality opponents.

    2010 Alabama Crimson Tide Schedule
    Sat, Sept 4
    Sat, Sept 11 Rated 18th at the time
    Sat, Sept 18
    Sat, Sept 25 Rated 10th at the time
    Sat, Oct 2 Rated 7th at the time
    Sat, Oct 9 Currently rated 10th
    Sat, Oct 16    
    Sat, Oct 23  
    Sat, Nov 6
    Currently rated 9th
    Sat, Nov 13
    Thu, Nov 18    
    Fri, Nov 26   Currently rated 7th

The Bye Week Gauntlet and Scheduling Fiasco

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    Commissioner Slive of the SEC knew it wasn't fair for Alabama to face six opponents coming off bye weeks, but there was nothing he could do.

    No other BCS contender had to run the kind of gauntlet that Alabama had to run. Not just in quality opponents, but in facing six ferocious SEC teams in a row after the other team had a bye week to prepare for them.

    That meant that Alabama had to face six great teams that had two weeks to prepare, while the Tide had just one week to prepare—and that was after suffering a beating from a team the week before.

    Mike Slive, commissioner of the SEC tried to do something about it, addressed it and called it unfair, but in the end, there was nothing he could do.

    If this doesn't give some consideration to Alabama, what will?

The Big Bull's Eye On Their Back

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    Did any team have a bigger bullseye on their back?

    Did any team have a bigger bull's eye on their back? If so, name them.

    National champions, Mr. Heisman, the top coach in America, everyone wanted a piece of them. Everyone had that game circled in bright red on their calenders and for every team, it was a game that could make or break their season.

    They bore that bull's eye well for every game but one so far, and should they run the table, that should give them more debate in the contest.

The SEC Championship Determines the National Championship

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    Whether you agree or not, the SEC Champion usually is the best team in America

    OK, for fans of schools outside the SEC, I know this is the hardest argument to swallow, but the SEC champion deserves a shot at a national championship just for getting through the toughest conference in America on top.

    It hasn't been too long since people scoffed at a two-loss LSU lining up in a BCS game against Ohio State.

    Northern sports writers thought the Buckeyes would have a cake walk against a team that lost two games to "inferior" talent.

    LSU simply crushed Ohio State and proved that a "pretty good" SEC champion can beat the Big Ten's best almost every time in a cake walk.

    This deserves some consideration as well.

The Next Team That Wants To Be Champion Must Beat a Champion To Remove Any Doubt

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    A champion should knock the old one down and take the championshiop from them.

    With all respect for Boise State, with that schedule they simply don't deserve a shot against a one-loss SEC champion. Neither does TCU.

    If the first choice in the BCS matchup doesn't play a one-loss Alabama, there will always be questions asked, insinuations made and doubts that will never go away.

    Like boxing, you become champion when you knock the champion down and take his title.

Beating the Team That Beat You in the Re-Match Nullifies First Loss as Accident

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    Should Alabama beat USC in the SEC Championship Game, could that help nullify the first loss?

    Should Alabama and South Carolina face off again in the SEC Championship Game, which is looking likely, would that nullify the first loss in many voters minds?

    Most would say yes.

    It would certainly be one last argument that, added with the previous ones, would make more than a compelling case to have Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game.

And There Are the Reasons Why Alabama Should Be in the BCS Game

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    Case closed, a one loss Alabama deserves a nod in the BCS Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

    And there are the reasons why Alabama should be in the BCS game should they run the table the rest of the year.

    If you have reasons why they shouldn't, please post them in the comment section.

    We welcome your comments, likes and fan votes here, and all comments given in good sportsmanship will be responded to in like manner.