Alabama to Air Force: Questions and Answers About College Football's Top 25

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIOctober 9, 2010


 How long can the Crimson Tide keep creating turnovers in the red zone to keep other teams from scoring?

A: Florida and Penn State provided big turnovers to Bama’s D, but expect the Tide’s young, fast, and physical defense to keep getting better. As this happens, their opponents will find their way to the red zone less often.


Ohio State

Can the Buckeyes find an offensive threat other than Terrelle Pryor?

A: The Buckeyes running back by committee group is not looking that impressive yet.



 Does the Ducks schedule make them a lock for the BCS national title game?

A: Hard to say this is all but a lock, but Arizona looks like the toughest test that remains.


Boise State

 How hard will it be for Boise State to keep everyone’s attention with all of their high profile games out of the way?

A: Their fans in the media will keep championing the Bronco’s right to a BCS championship slot, but the reason they will be undefeated is the schedule they play that has no real opposition on it. That generates no interest from the rest of us.



 Why do the Horned Frogs not get the level of attention that Boise State does?

A: Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans….



Will the Sooners stop the up-and-down cycle they have shown all season?

A: Here is a hint. Landry Jones rolls out late against Texas with the game won and just drops the football.



 Even with their win over Kansas State, do we really know how good the Huskers are?

A: Nope.



 If QB Cam Newton has a bad day, will the Tigers have enough offense to win?

A: See the answer above.



 Are the Wildcats the best team you know nothing about?

A: Nick Foles is looking good. The win over Iowa was big. Yes, we think so.



 After looking at their schedule, do you have any idea why the Utes are ranked?

A: Not really. The win over Pitt was nice, but they have played really bad teams since then.



Are the Razorbacks the second best team in the SEC right now?

A: Without a doubt.



 Have you ever seen a group as unhappy at 5-0 as the Tiger faithful?

A: How do you fire a terrible coach who refuses to lose games?



 Are the Hurricanes able to win an ACC title with Jacory Harris at QB?

A: Yes. Any other BCS conference, no. The ACC, yes. Is the Big East really a BCS conference?



 Can Urban Meyer win at Florida without Tim Tebow?

A: He was 8-3 the year before Tebow’s arrival. Is that considered winning at Florida?


Iowa-How much better would The Hawkeyes be with a solid running game?

A: Significantly.



 Did you know that Owen Marecic starts at linebacker AND fullback for the Cardinal?

A: What a great story. He is my Heisman candidate. Name me any other player who could play almost every play for a team at physical positions like linebacker and fullback.

Michigan State

Has there ever been a more unappreciated QB for the Spartans than Kirk Cousins?

A: Not that we can find.



 Is anyone going to be able to stop Wolverines QB Denard Robinson?

A: Eventually he will get worn down and be stopped as big hits start being delivered.


South Carolina

Was Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier ever a great one, or did he just have more talent than anyone else at Florida?

A: We are starting to wonder…. He needs to win the SEC East this year.



Is it time to stop having high expectations for the Badgers every season?

A: We are through having high hopes for Wisconsin. They just seem to play down in Big Ten games.



Why are the Wolf Pack ranked behind Utah since they have played a tougher schedule to date?

A: It just shows how little attention poll voters pay to what is going on.


Oklahoma State

What did the Cowboys close win over Texas A&M really say about them?

A: It says they need a defense. They should have routed A&M with all the turnovers.


Florida State

How long will it take for Jimbo Fisher to make the Seminoles “Bobby Bowden Good?”

A: Ever heard the old saying you don’t want to be the guy who follows the guy?



Was the Tigers win over San Diego State bigger than the victory over Illinois?

A: What matters to Missouri is how they play in the Big 12. Everything before does not even matter.


Air Force

Do you find yourself pulling for the military academy teams when they are on television?

A: Always. Unless they are playing my school.


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