Oklahoma Tops Preseason BlogPoll

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Oklahoma Tops Preseason BlogPoll

Here is my preseason ballot. The only change is the addition of Wake Forest and the deletion of California.

1 Oklahoma Good – Dominant offensive line, Sam Bradford, fast defense; Bad – Running backs coming off injuries
2 Ohio State Good – Heisman-contending tailback, dominant linebackers and shut down corners; Bad – NCG hangover, suspensions
3 Southern Cal Good – Scary defense, endless supply of running backs; Bad – Injured Sanchez, uncertainty at WR
4 Georgia Good – Unbelievable running game, tremendous secondary; Bad – Sturdivant injury and suspensions
5 Missouri Good – Top 5 offense, underrated defense; Bad – Target on back, depth
6 Florida Good – Unstoppable offense with Tebow and Harvin; Bad – Horrible pass defense, tons of ACL injuries!
7 Clemson Good – Best offensive backfield in the nation, loaded secondary; Bad – Will they crumble under expectations again?
8 LSU Good – Offensive and defensive lines are amazing; Bad – Ivy league quarterback and no known leaders
9 Texas Good – Muschamp will help D, the offense is always good; Bad – Who is the RB?
10 Wisconsin Good – Loaded at RB, TE, and D-line; Bad – Uh, quarterback?
11 Texas Tech Good – Best passing game ever?; Bad – The defense is average. Does it matter?
12 West Virginia Good – White and Devine should be awesome behind five returning linemen; Bad – New coaching staff, defense lost playmakers
13 Auburn Good – The defense will be superb again. Bad – Do they have a quarterback and receivers for their new offense?
14 Penn State Good – The defensive line is fantastic with Maurice Evans, great trio of receivers; Bad – Who is lining up in the backfield?
15 Kansas Good – Reesing is back and the linebackers are very solid; Bad – No running back.
16 Tennessee Good – Defensive back seven is good and RB Foster will produce; Bad – Crompton needs to improve
17 Oregon Good – Great secondary and nice offensive line; Bad – Who’s the quarterback?
18 Boston College Good – Excellent defense, solid receivers; Bad – No proven running backs, poor special teams
19 Illinois Good – Juice Williams and the offensive line; Bad – Linebackers and running backs need work
20 Brigham Young Good – The offense should score tons of points with Max Hall and Co.; Bad – the defensive back seven needs some work
21 Arizona State Good – Rudy carpenter and the receivers will be great if…; Bad – the offensive line can block after giving up 55 sacks last year
22 South Florida Good – Grothe is back and should have more talent around him; Bad – The defense lost a lot but returns George Selvie on the edge
23 Pittsburgh Good – LeSean McCoy is the real deal and the defensive line should be the Big East’s finest; Bad – Quarterback and offensive line issues could hold McCoy and the offense back
24 Virginia Tech Good – Experience at quarterback behind a nice offensive line; Bad – No proven playmakers on offense; Glennon is a bit of a liability
25 Wake Forest Good – A surprisingly good defense and Riley Skinner under center; Bad – Zero receivers will lead to unbalanced offense
Dropped Out: California
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