Commander's Call: Auburn Football QB Cameron Newton Gets a Second Chance

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 18:  Quarterback Cameron Newton #2 of the Auburn Tigers waits as Erin Andrews finishes her interview with head coach Gene Chizik after their 27-24 overtime win over the Clemson Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The journey for Auburn starting quarterback Cameron Newton has been a long and winding road to his current place of appreciation, fan adoration and personal redemption.   A story that gets the truth misconstrued more than a Jerry Springer featured story. 

At this moment let’s all take a second to appreciate the “bonehead free” childhood and early twenties of the so-called life experts who never made an immature mistake (applaud)!  In order to elaborate, take into consideration the amount of negative comments publicly made at and about Cameron Newton that have now gone to offensive levels.  

If anyone says they aren’t fortunate for the second chances they received in life they are either lying or in prison.

If it wasn't for second, third, and even fourth chances, I know, for one, I would not be where I am today.  I would say without any reservation I am a successful man, who, like most, had some hiccups along the way.  

According to reports, Cameron Newton purchased a laptop computer that was stolen for a "good price." The computer in question was traced to him by the Police, probably through the person who stole it.  In the end it was in his possession but he was never convicted of a crime.  

He called it the "Stupidest decision" he could've ever made.  I agree.  We've all made a lot of stupid decisions too!  

I could imagine more than 50% of the people in America in one way or another have gotten a great deal on stolen property.  Dating all the way back to the 1500's until today.  It's a matter of perspective.  Crime is crime some worse than others.  

Do we chastise individuals who get ticketed for Driving Under the Influence in the same manner as people that dislike Auburn so much they defame this kid?  Not even close and the repercussions of a DUI equate to the loss of life.

Considering the amount of booze that is swilled at College football tailgates, football parties, group therapy sessions, games, and watering holes, doesn’t it seem a bit of a “double standard?"  

Do the repercussions of crimes like tax fraud, embezzling from an employer, or accepting money from an agent warrant similar abuse?  Not at all.  These type of crimes are which are no less than getting a “low, low” price on a laptop. 

Collectively we call an 18-year-old, "a man." Physically a man, sure, mentally and, more importantly, emotionally, a man?  Yeah right!

I think the most important aspect of this is article and Cam's story is the emphasis on admitting to his mistake and publicly as such.  In the end honesty prevailed and he openly discusses his errors in teenage judgement.  If nothing less to say "Don't make the same mistakes I made!"


That's a sign of maturity. Not comments like this:

Cam Newton was just another one of these cases and belongs right in there with the rest of Meyer's thugs...

You are willing to overlook Cam transgressions because he is now at Auburn and he is a great player. It is no different than what Ole Miss did with Mazolli except Mazolli wasn't as bad as Newton.

It seems as though what Auburn says it stands for as far a character and family can be suspended for a bad person, if he is a good football player

Face it ___________, you have a felon running Auburn offense but you think it is okay because he helps Auburn win games.

These are the kind of comments made regularly by ill informed people daily and in what capacity?  Journalistic professionalism?  Nope, in Journalistic freedom? Yes, and that's fine because it's a privilege of this great Nation, freedom of speech, but in the end its an admission of textbook Narcissism.

Inferior personality complexes in-turn develop an attitude and behavior set that is quite opposite of their own personal take on their stock.  So, little boo-boo has to attack and put others down simply because looking in the mirror reflects "Shame, Guilt and Years of Disappointment."



I could be wrong but in all honesty, I'm probably spot on.    

Obviously, Cameron has suffered from his mistake to some degree…A stint in the middle of nowhere Texas playing JUCO football, negative perception, middle age men (forgetting that they were once eighteen) judging-attacking his character.  

This player, who is a humbled young man is also the leader of "our" team. That's right Cam. Newton leads the Auburn Tigers and the people that know him couldn't be prouder. There is no doubt about that.  Whether its because of his charm, where he's been, his personality, or how he plays.  

Put it into perspective. His teammates need him to be humble and move on from a minor mistake.  

Cameron Newton is everything this country is about. A comeback story and a second chance. Living the American Dream.  

Stay tuned cause it only gets better from here!