LSU Football: Is the Latest Les Miles Debacle the Wake-Up Call The Tigers Need?

Zacerry HerbertContributor IMarch 21, 2017

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Once again it seems that LSU could easily go from a strong start to falling apart fast. With the coaching of Les Miles and an unsuccessful quarterback duo, LSU is in line to deteriorate and fall apart if they don't change something quick.

After the latest stroke of luck that pushed LSU to a miracle victory over SEC opponent, Tennessee, the Bayou Bengals are a 5-0 team with no credibility. If you asked anyone whether or not LSU was a contender or pretender after their 5-0 start, almost everyone would tell you without a doubt that the tigers are pretenders.

Week 1 against an underhanded North Carolina team, LSU showed promise but the Tarheels mounted a comeback requiring a goal line stand by the LSU defense to give the tigers the win. After this, it seemed as if this would be a wake up call for LSU to get everything together as the season went on. This has not been the case, with the Bayou Bengals tight roping out of danger in almost every game this season.

LSU has one of the most dominating defenses in the country led by dark-horse Heisman candidate Patrick Peterson and Senior linebacker Kelvin Sheppard. On the other hand,the Tiger offense can only be described as pathetic and ineffective. After seeing Coach Miles' new strategy of alternating Jordan Jefferson and Jarret Lee, it seems like the offensive woes will only continue.

LSU fans can only hope that after the latest debacle, Les Miles and the Tigers take this as a sign to get back on track for the remainder of the season. It is obvious that the offense needs change and if LSU hopes to remain undefeated, Miles needs to start from scratch with his offensive game-plan. The first play from scrimmage against Tennessee, QB Jordan Jefferson scampered 83 yards for a touchdown, showing a glimmer of hope for the offense.

But that hope was quickly shot down as LSU struggled to finish off the drives in which they managed to move the ball successfully, due to costly turnovers.

This has just been one of many debacles for LSU under the Les Miles regime and as long as he is the coach, there is always doubt surrounding the tigers. If Miles hopes to keep his job, he is going to need to get this Tigers team going and carry them to a BCS bowl.

Through five games, the Tigers defense has overshadowed the feeble offense but they will not be able to shut out every team, meaning that if LSU wants to win, the team is going to need to put some points on the board. Although it is great having an all-around scoring threat in Peterson on defense and special teams, but it is never a good thing for your star corner back to be more of a threat to score than the entire offense.

LSU and their fans can only hope that after experiencing a miracle first-hand, the Tigers offense takes this as their wake up call to get going and start scoring some points.