Florida State Seminoles vs. the Miami Hurricanes: My Bold Prediction

David MayerCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, FL - SEPTEMBER 07:  Quarterback Jacory Harris #12 of the Miami Hurricanes throws a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to Graig Cooper #2 against the Florida State Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium on September 7, 2009 in Tallahassee, Florida. Miami defeated Florida State 38-34.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Every year it seems as though the Hurricanes vs the Noles brings an instant classic to ESPN.

Last year, FSU quarterback Christian Ponder's pass fell incomplete with no time remaining on the clock as the Hurricanes escaped with a 38-34 victory at Doak Campbell stadium.

The year before that, FSU scored with three minutes remaining to come out of Miami with a 41-39 victory.

It seems every year, no matter how good one team is over the other, the game is going to be close.

Not this year, Miami wins 38-17.

I know all you fans probably think I am crazy and I can hear you trolls already asking for my head, but I truly believe Miami is going to come out hunting this Saturday night at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

My reasons are simple, and once again this may not make sense to some of you fans, but it starts with Jacory Harris.

I know that Harris has been plagued with interceptions, tied for fourth in the country with eight interceptions, but he is going to finally silence his critics this weekend.

The reason I say this is because against the Oklahoma Sooners, quarterback Landry Jones threw for 380 yards and four touchdowns.

Granted Harris is no Jones, but the Hurricanes have more speed and more depth at wide receiver then Jones has at Oklahoma.

Last year against the Seminoles, Harris threw for 386 yards and two touchdowns in only his third career start. 

I believe he ties last weeks touchdown numbers with four, has one interception, and goes for about 350 yards.

Secondly, the Hurricanes are finally playing a home game.

In college football, home field advantage plays a major role, well the Hurricanes haven't played a home game in over a month.  The fans will be there in full force, especially with the game being at night.

Playing the Seminoles is enough to get the Hurricanes motivated and ready to go, but playing their first game on their home turf since September 2nd will really get them going.

Another reason the Hurricanes win comes down to the defense.

Miami is 15th in the country in scoring defense, tied for third in the country in sacks, 11th in total defense, and first in the country in tackles for loss.

The front line has been able to put pressure on the quarterbacks all year long and it will continue against FSU's front five.

The final reason Miami wins this game is the offensive line.

They have been terrific all year and although FSU is number one in the country in sacks, they will not penetrate a surprisingly good Hurricane line.

The offensive line will open holes for the Hurricane running backs , which will benefit Harris in creating huge numbers.

Overall, I believe this game will show everyone across the country that Miami and Jacory Harris are the real deal.