Florida Football Outcoached by Alabama

Omar BrownCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2010

Someone needs to remind the Coaching Staff Tim Tebow is in Denver
Someone needs to remind the Coaching Staff Tim Tebow is in DenverKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Gators were coached as if they were a bunch of leatherheads from the 50's, executing a single-wing style offense.

The game was actually over after the two first drives of the game.

I was amazed at how equally matched these two teams where.  Nothing worse than knowing that the coaching made the ultimate difference in regards to the clash of these two powerful contenders.

This was worse than having to watch your team be forced to overcome both the opponents and the officials. Not that the officials did us any favors on the two potential touchdowns that were written off at the goal line.

The jump pass on the goal line stance acted as the dagger to any momentum the Gators possessed during the game. A jump pass? Are you kidding me? The coaches on the sideline were mocking the jump pass to their defense right before the play, assuming the Gators offense would be that stupid.



No Gators fans, it was not a dream—it was a living nightmare. The Gators played right into the hands of Alabama last night, as if the someone was echoing the plays to the coaching staff of Alabama prior to each play.

To add to the horror, seeing Omar Hunter being berated on the sideline for being too anxious, eventually walking away in utter disgust of the coach was another huge mistake.

The coach did more to crush the spirit of Hunter rather than calm his nerves while keeping him fired up. I hated seeing the fire of the Gators put out the way it was by coaching staff last night. It is one thing for the Gators to go up against Alabama, but being forced to do so with the ball and chain of the pathetic coaching scheme was simply too much.

"Everyone's got to do their job, everyone has got to be fundamentally sound, everyone has got to be on top of the game plan," Steve Addazio said Tuesday.

"It was awful," Urban Meyer said . "We just have to get better. It was real disappointing. That game is a different game, I think. I don't know if we would've beat them because they were pretty good today, but we just self-destructed. Turnovers and red-zone inefficiency, that wasn't good."

Regarding the jump pass, this was Meyers outrageous reply:

"It was an aggressive call, something that we would probably do again," Meyer said. "As a matter of fact, I know we would do it again. Sometimes you kick yourself right in the rear end when you do that, but that is kind of the way we play..."

Had the play-calling been updated to a more effective, modern system, rather than whatever outdated approach they were using yesterday, the Gators might have stood a chance.