Why the Temple Owls Deserve More Love in Philly

Pat EganCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2010

Bernard Pierce has helped bring Temple back into the spotlight
Bernard Pierce has helped bring Temple back into the spotlightHunter Martin/Getty Images

In Philadelphia, it's slim pickings when it comes to college football. With plenty of schools located in the city not many are Division I schools while that ones that are usually aren’t very good.

Penn shows their pride of course, and while Villanova did win the subdivision championship last season, it’s just that—a subdivision championship. No one really pays attention to the subdivision teams, and they certainly could care less about the football it produces.

This results is most Philadelphians choosing two allegiances. The first is the Nittany Lions of Penn State, led by Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno. The second is the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. While Penn State is located in the state of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame is not.

Most fans only like the school because of their name. They feel it is their Irish duty to cheer for a team named after their heritage. A school they will never attend, and probably never visit. Notre Dame Fans are great because they never like to admit that while their team is full of five-star recruits, they never produce and are constantly over rated.

Take solace, Notre Dame fans, because you have you have the advantages of being an independent school coming up with tough battles of Tulsa and Navy in the upcoming weeks. The Irish, by the way, are 2-3 and were ranked No. 62 in the polls before their recent win against Boston College.

Penn State meanwhile is the main team that is supported in the city of brotherly love. Joe Pa is God in these parts and to say wrong about him is enough to get you tar and feathered.

Unlike Notre Dame, though, Penn State plays in the Big Ten and is constantly playing good teams throughout the year. However, they too seem to be more bark than bite going 3-2 so far this season while managing to be ranked 22 in the country. A loss to the unranked Iowa Hawkeyes however will most likely drop them out of the polls.