10 Teams and One Conference Which Can't Hold Boise State's Water Bottle.

Bill CiracoContributor IIOctober 1, 2010

10 Teams and One Conference Which Can't Hold Boise State's Water Bottle.

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    The BCS (aka Bull Crap System)Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    The time has come to do away with the BCS.  It's time to stop protecting the "power" conferences like the Big East and ACC (tongue planted firmly in cheek.)  It's time to put an end to the "Boise State Debate" and to institute a 16 team playoff for Division 1 College Football.  No more lining the pockets of the BCS Bowl fat cats. 

    As an example I give you 10 teams and one entire conference that don't deserve the Automatic Qualifying status their conference affiliation affords.  Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.  And I do mean all of them.

10 Teams and 1 Conference That Don't Deserve BCS Status Ahead of Boise State

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    I ask you, do these teams and does this conference really deserve BCS automatic qualifying status ahead of Boise State?  Yet just because of their conference affiliation they do.  When will the NCAA realize what a joke the BCS is and move to a playoff system for major college football?  Does the Big East (and maybe even the ACC) deserve an automatic bid more than the WAC or the Mountain West this year?

    We produce the slides and you decide!

The Duke Blue Devils

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    Duke can run and gun, but on the hardwood and not the turf.Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

    The the only thing these Devils have in common with Boise State is the color Blue.  But seriously folks if the Blue Devils were to get really lucky one year and win the ACC Championship Game they would be BCS bound.  Right, and the south will rise again.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

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    The last time Wake Forest was nationally relevant in football Arnie was probably undergrad age.Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

    Demon?  Really?  These Deacons aren't even scary on Halloween.  While they could chip and putt you to death, you would be more likely to give them AQ status to the PGA Tour rather than the BCS Bowl selection pool.  But wait they did beat Duke 54-48 in week two of this season so they have that going for them.  Or was that a basketball game?

The Vanderbilt Commodores

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    If Jay Cutler couldnt lead Vandy to a BCS Bowl who could? Clark Kent?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Really people, I know they play in the SEC, but would Vandy perform much better with a WAC Schedule?  Ok I will admit they would threaten .500 every once in a while depending on whether they schedule that cupcake game with Gallaudet at Fed Ex field.  Seriously folks if the rest of the SEC comes down with the H1N1 Virus Vandy goes bowling.  Or alternatively Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn and LSU join the Big 12 conference and Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina join the Big East or ACC, then Vandy will have a shot at a conference title.

Iowa State Cyclones

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    Iowa State celebrating after beatiing Grinnell College?Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    The last time Iowa State won a conference title was about a year after the Titanic went down.  Now don't get me wrong the Cyclones are not bad this year, maybe just half bad.  As such they have a shot at upsetting Nebraska.  What is really upsetting about that is that Nebraska losing would be seen as upset when the reality is that Nebraska is just not that good, neither is the rest of the Big 12, but I digress.  Back to the Cyclones and the Titanic.

    Look out Cyclones, iceberg, straight ahead!  The state of Iowa has had more "100 year" floods in the last 100 years than Iowa State has won conference titles.  But they are still worthy of an AQ from the BCS should they be lucky enough to win another conference title before the next "100 year" flood four years from now.

Baylor Bears, A.K.A. Robert Griffin and 10 Other Guys

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    The Baylor Bears, Big 12 whipping boy. Always outnumbered.Tom Pennington/Getty Images

    Baylor is known for its programs in music, philosophy, theology, and science.  Need we say any more?  The last time these bears had any bite David Koresh was grooming followers on the tumbleweed plains of
    Waco, just a glimmer in Janet Reno's eye.  But should the rest of the not so Big 12 come down with mad cow disease you would see Baylor in a BCS bowl game.  Every year they have a shot at an AQ to the BCS and Boise State doesn't.  Really?

Washington State Cougars

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    "Yes we really do belong in a BCS AQ conference." "And no we don't have to play Boise State this year."Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    The woeful Wulff lead Cougars.  This is not the "Cougartown" that he was dreaming of when he took the job.  Yet if the San Andreas fault goes off and swallows all the Pac 10 schools save WSU, off they go to the BCS Bowl, automatically.  Let me ask you.  If Boise State and Washington State played in each of the last 7 seasons, would Boise State have lost any of those games?  Honestly, the beating Boise State would lay on WSU would be so eye opening it make this story of mine seem timid.  Just not as timid as the Cougar's defense.

Indiana University Hoosiers

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    Hoosier touchdowns are so infrequent that even Bobby Knight has to celebrate (despite having moved on to Texas Tech)Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    Really.  Someone needs to tell the Hoosiers there is more than one way to score three points with one shot, its called a field goal in FOOTBALL. The Hoosiers have a good quarterback and they were real close to earning some respect by beating Michigan at home, but alas this is the Hoosiers we are talking about.

    Boise State has has won as many BCS Bowl games as Indiana has Big 10 Conference Championships (2) and BSU has more AP top 25 final rankings than Indiana does (5).  In fact the last time Indiana finished in the AP top 25 Boise State was still playing 1AA.  Seriously how bad does the rest of the Big 10 have to be for the Hoosiers to win the conference and scoop up the BCS auto bid?

Purdue University Boilermakers

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    Boise State Bus meet the Purdue TrainwreckRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    I like Purdue, I really do.  I mean the program that gave us Drew Brees, Rod Woodson and Bob Griese can be that bad? Or can it?  Let's just start with the fact that Purdue has won as many conference titles (8) since 1897 as Boise State has in the past 10 years.  And what is with losing to Toledo this year?  Really?

    Purdue would lose to Boise State, Nevada, Fresno State.  They would be a pick'em with Hawaii, Utah State and Idaho, and they would beat San Jose State, Louisiana Tech and New Mexico State.  This isn't even the worst team in the Big 10 (think Minnesota, Illinois and toss in Indiana for good measure) and people give Boise State flack for their conference?  Come on.  Purdue would be 4-5, maybe 5-4 in the WAC with a couple of good breaks.

Northwestern University Wildcats

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    With athletes like this, a lot of questions about Northwestern have now been answered.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    I hesitate to single out NU.  One because I like Chicago.  Two because I like that actress from the Father of the Bride movies and I think she went to NU.  Three and most importantly, I went to an academically inclined university and I understand the difficulty of building a strong program amongst the recruiting challenges and relative student body apathy.  But with a sample size over 100 years long a .437 all time winning percentage just doesn't cut the mustard.  Any team that has a 23 year period (1972-1994) labeled the "Years of Futility" on wikipedia needs to give up their AQ status ASAP.

    Especially with basketball players that look like the one in the accompanying picture.

University Of Minnesota Golden Gohpers

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    This is about as intimidating as the Gophers get!Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    So the Gophers lost to South Dakota and Northern Illinois.  How exactly does a Big 10 school that is not Northwestern do that?  The only thing more certain than Coach Brewster being canned this year is that the Gophers are not going bowling?  When was the last time the Gophers sniffed a Big Ten conference title?  Actually it does appear that Minnesota finished atop the polls in 1960, a year when Yale was also in the top 10. 

    And this is from Wikipedia "Minnesota's last Big Ten title was in 1967, tying the Indiana Hoosiers and Purdue Boilermakers atop the standings."

    Isn't that my point exactly.  Enough said.  At least Brewster has got his millions.

Last But Big East. I Mean The Big East

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    It's not just WVU that needs to be concerned (yeah we almost lost to Marshall, so what) but the whole conference.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    What is that saying about beating a horse when it is down?  And does it apply to an entire conference?  Is there a team in the Big East that Boise State wouldn't beat by 14?  Be honest.  And if you are honest you realize what a sham it is that this conference owns a BCS AQ slot and Boise State needs to beg.  Bottom line the days of the BCS are numbered (all though they aren't as few as the days of Big East Football.)  We need a playoff and we need it now, but it will probably take another 4 or 5 years before we get it.

    As for the Big East?  Well my guess is that unless Notre Dame decides to bring Touchdown Jesus into the conference, Big East Football will cease to exist in 3 years.  Come readers, give me a hail Mary.


    There you have it folks.  10 teams and 1 Conference that couldn't carry Boise State's water bottle.  Comments?  Like? (sorry there is no "dis-like" button.)