10 College Football Games in Week 5 That Suddenly Got More Interesting

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2010

10 College Football Games in Week 5 That Suddenly Got More Interesting

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    Just when you think college football can't get that much more interesting, things are about to take a turn this weekend where one loss could have a domino effect on the rest of the day.

    Normally these aren't games that we'd pay attention to, but when one game has a direct effect on what happens to two teams, we tend to pay attention to the outcome of both.

    Sure there are solid games on the schedule this weekend, a few more interesting than another, but do they really effect the way the rankings look on Monday? Maybe a little, but not enough that you'll notice a great deal.

    So which games could I possibly be talking about? I'm glad you asked. Here are the 10 games that just became a little more interesting to the college football landscape.

No. 10: TCU at Colorado State

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    This might not be a game that you think is interesting, but a loss by TCU this weekend could throw a serious wrench into the Top 10 rankings.

    Not saying the Horned Frogs are going to lose, but think of the ramifications if they did and what kind of interest it puts into the games later in the day, especially with teams that are right behind them in the rankings.

No. 9: Boise State at New Mexico State

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    It seems strange that any team would be scoreboard watching, but you better believe Boise State will be on Saturday.

    They'll have their eyes not only on the Ohio State game but also the Alabama and Florida matchup. A loss by Alabama and wins by both Ohio State and Boise State could catapult both of them up one spot, leaving the Tide on the outside looking in.

    Boise also needs to worry about themselves in this game. If they put up a lackluster performance and win by less than 10, they could be feeling a whole lot of heat from Oregon and a few other teams just behind them.

No. 8: Michigan at Indiana

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    The Hoosiers had the upset last season. It was their game. But thanks to a controversial interception call, Michigan hung on for a 36-33 win.

    This season, Indiana once again believes that they can pull off the upset.

    They have the majority of their offense back from last season and they know that they can put up points against Michigan's defense. The same defense that gave up 37 points to UMass last weekend.

    One thing the Hoosiers need to focus on is stopping Denard Robinson and not let him run wild on Saturday.

    If Indiana does win that game, it could throw a serious wrench into their season.

No. 7: Wisconsin at Michigan State

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    Wisconsin gets its first test after almost losing at home to Arizona State two weeks ago and then having a party at Austin Peay's expense this past weekend.

    The Badgers are going up against a Michigan State team that is going to have a lot of emotion behind it after its head coach, Mark Dantonio, suffered a heart attack after the game against Notre Dame last Saturday. He underwent emergency angioplasty but is expected to make a full recovery.

    Never underestimate a team playing with emotion, especially at home. However don't think the Badgers don't know what they're up against. They know a win, coupled by a loss or lackluster performance by the teams in front of them could push them up a few spots in the rankings.

No. 6: Kansas at Baylor

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    Not a game you expected to see on this list, is it?

    Here's the reason this game becomes a little more interesting this weekend. With Texas and Oklahoma playing in the Red River Shootout this weekend, a win by Oklahoma would put Baylor in second place in the Big 12 South all by itself. A win by Texas would make it a three-way tie for the division.

    When was the last time you say Baylor tied with Texas and Oklahoma for the Big 12 South lead?

No. 5: Texas at Oklahoma

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    It's that time of the year again. It's Texas/OU weekend.

    How many games do you know of where fans can go to the state fair and eat things like fried butter, fried beer, and fried Twinkies (yes, fried Twinkies) as their pregame meal? Only in Texas, right?

    The Longhorns and Sooners will do battle from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, in a game that could have ramifications not only in the BCS standings but also in the Big 12 South.

    Baylor is sitting at 3-1 with a home game coming up against a below average Kansas team. A win by Texas, coupled with the Bears winning, could make it a three-way tie atop the Big 12 South standings and would almost certainly push Oklahoma outside the Top 10.

    Sure, Texas just got embarrassed at home by UCLA last weekend, but don't think they won't be hyped up for this one.

No. 4: Lousiana-Monroe at Auburn

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    Another one of those games that looks like an easy win for Auburn. You're probably right. In fact, let's just say it, you are right.

    However, it's not the win that makes this an interesting game. It's the fallout of teams losing in front of them.

    You've got Oregon up against Stanford and Wisconsin up against Michigan State. A loss by either Oregon or Wisconsin, coupled with a loss by Florida could vault Auburn way up the BCS rankings by Sunday afternoon.

    The Tigers can't settle for a 10- or 15-point win; if they really want to make a jump, they need to take care of business and put this game away early.

No. 3: Miami at Clemson

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    Clemson is coming off a tough loss against Auburn, 27-24, last weekend. They return home to face the Miami Hurricanes who, at the beginning of the season, was thought to be one of the best teams in the country. Heck, even Miami bought its own hype.

    Then they were brought back to earth against Ohio State at the beginning of the season.

    Clemson is not a team Miami can take lightly, especially when the game is on the road. A loss by Miami won't completely end its hopes for a BCS bowl, but it could do significant damage.

No. 2: Stanford at Oregon

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    A game that will have the attention of a lot of college football fans will take place up in Eugene, Oregon at Autzen Stadium, as the Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal will do battle.

    But it's not just the top spot in the Pac-10 that's at stake, a dominant win over Stanford could vault Oregon past either TCU or Boise State depending on their respective performances.

    Stanford came out on top last year at their place, but Autzen Stadium is a tough place for any visiting team to go get a win.

    Keep your eye on this game, it could rock the BCS standings when it's over.

No. 1: Florida at Alabama

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    Most of the college football world had their eyes on Alabama's matchup with Arkansas last weekend, with a lot of those fully expecting Alabama to lose. But "almost" only counts in a game of horse shoes.

    This weekend, we'll have our eyes focused on Alabama once more as it faces off against the seventh-ranked Florida Gators.

    Before I predict the Tide to lose, which I won't after this past weekend, let's remember that an Alabama loss could have a tremendous ripple effect on the standings. Especially if Boise State, TCU, and Oregon remain unbeaten.