2012 College Football Recruiting: Butch Pauu Is Focused on Making an Impact

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2010

You hear it all the time—a player wanting to play for his teammates, his family, and his coaches.

They might show that they play together, but do they really put on the pads for those around them?

Whether or not that is true, one thing is known: Butch Pauu puts on the pads for the loved ones around him.

While he obviously puts on the pads himself and makes the biggest plays for his team, Pauu understands that being a talented football player like him is something that not everyone has the chance to experience.

Pauu, a 6'1", 215-pound linebacker/quarterback, makes the most of his talents on the defensive side of the ball. Always around the ball, with a respectful attitude, Pauu is destined to make the most out of his given abilities and his humbleness.

While he is a very gentle person in attitude, Pauu uses a fast, aggressive, intense, and passionate playing style on to the football field, and that is what makes him the special player that he is. Crediting his father as the man who he feels he plays after, Pauu is simply a special kid.

What drives Pauu is simple. He keeps it close to home, saying, "My family is what drives me because they attend my practices and games. I play for my teammates and my family." While the offers haven't flooded his mailbox, the letters have. 

As always, staying humble, Pauu says it's not all about the offers. In fact he has other things that he would rather have the audience remember him by.

"I would like for people to know that I am currently working on my Eagle in Scouts. I love my family, my faith, and love football. However, education is my first priority right now"

With all that said, Pauu is headed to the top. The class of 2012 is listed with gifted, talented, and respectful players, and Pauu headlines the list for not only what he does on the field, but off it as well.