Florida Gators Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: SEC Gridiron Showdown For Every Marble

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Florida Gators Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: SEC Gridiron Showdown For Every Marble
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Can McElroy hold off the Gators?

The game between Arkansas and Alabama was a very entertaining game to say the least. Alabama's fourth quarter drive sealed an electrifying win that turned a few heads. Razorback fans heads that is. If that game was any indication of this Saturday's action, then many college football fans are in for a real treat.

This Saturday, the Gators and Crimson Tide will be at each others throats in what should be the SEC game of the year. Perhaps it will rival the earlier game of the year that pitted Ohio State against Miami. This could be the game that decides the fate of the conference. That is unless these two teams have a rematch in the SEC Championship, which is likely. One thing that fans know for sure is that this game has championship implications.

Its McElroy and Ingram vs. Brantley. It's two of the toughest defenses in college football showing what they're made of. Who's the better coach, Nick Saban or Urban Meyers? Of course, it makes predicting the outcome that much harder.

There should be one thought on the minds of college football fans in general. If Florida get the upset, is it time to toss out Boise State, at least temporarily? Seriously, If it turns out Florida runs the table and wins the SEC Championship, should the committee favor Florida over Boise State if both teams are undefeated? This presents an interesting scenario. I'm not going to say there is no doubt that Florida should get the nod over Boise State in that situation, but there would be a need to have a debate on it.

Be sure to order to your pizza, wings, subs, and everything else you need because this one is going to be a party.

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