Beware BCS: You Have Been Served By Boise State. 6 Compelling Facts

Bill CiracoContributor IISeptember 29, 2010

Notice served!  Take that LaMichael James
Notice served! Take that LaMichael JamesSteve Dykes/Getty Images

BCS Busters Boise State, what they have accomplished should put the Pac 10, Big 10, Big 12, and yes the SEC on notice, at last!

To quote my favorite fan sign from Saturday's Broncos vs. Beavers tilt:

1,000 Gallons of blue turf paint-    $4,000

Cost to apply blue turf paint-        $1,000

Returning home to a blue practice field after being throttle by Boise State- PRICELESS!


With another BCS foe stuffed securely in the Bronco’s body bag (Oregon State) the debate will rage on as to whether Boise State deserves a shot at the Tostitos National Championship game in Glendale this January.  The intellectually lazy fans will cry strength of schedule (SOS) till the turf turns blue (check.)  Most assessments of Boise State are made in a vacuum with out the perspective of what is arguably one of the greatest achievements in modern college sports.  Given the common refrain about the history and tradition assigned to the BCS schools I would argue that not judging Boise by the enormity of their accomplishment is a fallacy and does grave injustice to this very entertaining chapter in the history of college football.


Fact #1:



Boise State was a Junior College until 1968 when they began competing in Division II


Fact #2:


Boise State began playing Division 1-AA (now the FCS) in 1978


Fact #3:


Boise State played its first Division 1 (now the FBS) game in 1996.  Kellen Moore was already 6 years old at the time.  Boise State will have to play till 2024 in order to be as old as a FBS program as Chris Weinke was when he won the Heisman Trophy.


Fact #4:



Since 1968 Boise State’s record as four year college program is 340-143-3 (That is a .700 winning percentage in D-II, D-1AA, and D-1)


Fact #5:


Since 1999 (year 4 of FBS competition) Boise State is the nation’s most successful program with a 108-20 record (.844 winning percentage)


Fact #6


Since 1999 (the past 11 seasons), Boise State has won at least 10 games 9 times


All facts from the Official site for Boise State Football


What is the significance of these facts?  That question is as rhetorical as the answer is obvious. Without question what this program has achieved is unparalleled in modern college football.  In the era of $3mm-$4mm coaches, 100,000 seat stadiums and multi-million dollar payouts from television contracts and bowl games, Boise State’s accomplishments at every level are amazing.  Their accomplishments in Division 1 (aka FBS) in particular are nearly inconceivable.  To win at any level is a challenge.  To win consistently at any level is an even greater challenge.  To win consistently at every level is damn near impossible and to have accomplished this while always being the new kid on the block, well lets just say that there aren’t many head coaches that would tell you that they could recreate from scratch what Boise State has created.


Naysayers can whine all they want about strength of schedule but let me explain something, there is no way in you know what that a college team in it’s 10th year of FBS play should defeat the Sooners in a BCS bowl game, but Boise State did.  Go ahead start wailing away about trick plays etc. etc.  It doesn’t matter.  Aside from the fact that Boise State was pushing Oklahoma all over the field for most of the first 3 quarters, Oklahoma given the resources, tradition and history of their program should never have been a position to lose that game tricks or no tricks you silly rabbit.  Yet somehow Boise State won.  Oklahoma spends somewhere on the order of 4x to 5x times what Boise State spends on football.  It should not have been close, period.


In 2008 Boise State went into Autzen Stadium in Eugene, and beat #17 ranked Oregon with a freshman Quarterback named Kellen Moore who is on the shy side of six feet tall.  They had no business being able to keep that game close, let alone win, but win they did.  Fast forward to 2009 and #16 ranked Oregon’s trip to Boise for the chance to avenge the previous years embarrassing defeat at home. Oregon would certainly prevail right?  I mean after all they have Nike on their side.  Despite the final score (19-8) what ensued was an absolute throttling of the Ducks by the Broncos.  Once again Boise State should not be able to compete with Oregon, but somehow they did and somehow they won.


On Labor Day of this year Boise State headed to Landover, Maryland for what some BCS apologists have tried to label as a neutral site match-up (would the Longhorn’s playing at Jerry World in Dallas be considered a neutral site?)  Virginia Tech which was ranked preseason anywhere between #6 and #10 would be Boise State’s stiffest BCS opponent since Oklahoma in 2007.  Many expected the Broncos to wither in the summer heat and humidity of our nation’s capitol under a national spotlight.  Not a chance.  After leading for nearly 3 quarters, Boise State coolly and calmly marched about 65 yards in about a minute and 20 seconds (with less than two minutes on the clock to start with) to score the game winning touchdown.


Last Saturday night Boise State faced off against a hungry and dangerous Oregon State squad that will probably beat one or more of the following ranked teams this season; Arizona, Stanford, Oregon and USC.  The Bronco's dominated offensively with Kellen Moore putting on a Heisman worthy performance (20/28 for 288 yards with 3 touchdowns and no Int's.)  BSU averaged 5 yards per carry to bring their total offensive output up to 470 yards.  Throw in a fumbled punt and the game was not anywhere near as close the final score.  BSU doubled up Oregon State on yards gained.  And if you want to argue style points, what kind of style points do Texas (a loss to UCLA), Oklahoma and Nebraska get for Saturday's victories?  Once again the Broncos prevailed proving that the only thing more enduring than the challenges to their legitimacy is their record of success on the field, be it the blue turf in Boise or the green grass of Glendale and this years National Championship Game.


What we are witnessing friends and haters is what Malcolm Gladwell would call a "Tipping Point."  Boise State my friends and doubters has successfully jumped the shark!

If you have made it this far, I dare you to tell me I am wrong in the comments section below.


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