The BCS Answer: A New System To Improve College Footbal

Justin RockeContributor IOctober 1, 2010

The BCS Answer: A New System To Improve College Footbal

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    For years now fans have debated about whether or not the BCS system works. The BCS has existed for 12 now after first being implemented in 1998. Although the system has delivered many great and memorable games, like the 2002 Fiesta Bowl between Miami and Ohio State for the National Title or the 2007 Fiesta Bowl which featured Boise State's legendary upset of Oklahoma, the system is widely criticized and the majority of college football fans have pined for a playoff system.

    The reputation for the BCS is so low that its own website must mention that the system is "misunderstood" and has even hired Ari Fleischer, a man who was hired by the US government to raise the public of former President George W. Bush, to help raise their public persona.

    With the BCS going through all these issues just to raise their reputation, clearly something is wrong. That is why I propose a new idea, a points system, based on the quality of opponents and how impressive a victory is. With this new system style points count, cupcakes don't help you, and neutral site games count the same as home games. The system works like this:

    • 0 points for any loss
    • 1 point for a win against any FCS team
    • 2 points for a win at home against any unranked non-BCS conference team
    • 3 points for a win on the road against any unranked non-BCS conference team
    • 4 points for a win at home against any unranked BCS conference team
    • 5 points for a win on the road against any unranked BCS conference team
    • 6 points for a win at home against any ranked non-BCS conference team
    • 7 points for a win on the road against any ranked non-BCS conference team
    • 8 points for a win at home against any ranked BCS conference team
    • 9 points for a win on the road against any ranked BCS conference team

    However this criteria is not on the only way a team to rack up points. Teams will receive one point for any victory of twenty or more points and two for any victory of forty or more points against non-FCS teams. That means blowing out Portland State 73 to nothing still stays as one point.

    Also, beating ranked teams can help your cause exponentially. Teams will be rewarded and extra point for beating a team ranked 20th to 25th in the USA Today/Coaches poll, two points for teams ranked 11th to 19th, three points for teams ranked sixth to tenth and four points for teams ranked first to fifth.

    With that being said, let's check out the 2010 College Football rankings based on this updated system.

24 (tie). Missouri Tigers (10 Points)

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    The Tigers of Mizzou are off to a rip roaring 4-0 start as their Big 12 schedule starts this weekend. A 50-6 victory over McNeese State didn't do much to help their cause, but a victory over Illinois, from the Big Ten, along with a 38-point beat down of Miami (OH) this past weekend has them in the Top 25 for the time being.

    Last Game: W, 51-13, vs. Miami (OH) (3 points)

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 9, vs. Colorado

24 (tie). Michigan State Spartans (10 Points)

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    The Spartans, much like Missouri, sit at a comfortable 4-0, backed by a couple cheap victories against Florida Atlantic and Northern Colorado.

    However, Michigan State sneaks into the top 25 by picking up four points with a thrilling overtime victory over Notre Dame on a fake field goal that resulted in the game winning touchdown. A victory this weekend against Wisconsin can catapult them into the upper echelon of teams.

    Last Game: W, 45-7, vs. Northern Colorado (1 point)

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 2, vs. No. 11 Wisconsin

24 (tie). Iowa Hawkeyes (10 Points)

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    A few weeks ago people were talking about Iowa having a shot at the national title, now they're just barely in the top 25.

    A win two weekends ago against then No. 24 Arizona could have catapulted them into the top 5, but after being sacked four times on their final drive Iowa is now barely hanging on to a top 25 spot. This may be surprising for outsiders to believe, but the quality of their victories to this point has been lacking.

    Blowout victories against Eastern Illinois, Iowa State, and Ball State won't help you in this ranking. Maybe a weekend victory at home over Penn State can get them back into the discussion.

    Last Game: W, 45-0, vs. Ball State (4 points)

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 2, vs. No. 22 Penn State

24 (tie). Texas Longhorns (10 Points)

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    At this point last week Texas was in the discussion for the national title, now they're just looking to get their credibility. A disappointing loss at home to the UCLA Bruins took them from the top 10 to the bottom of the heap. The Longhorns, much like Iowa and Michigan State, can hop up in the standings if they knock off Oklahoma in the Red River rivalry this weekend, but until then victories against Rice, Wyoming, and Texas Tech aren't gonna cut it.

    Last Game: L, 34-12, vs. UCLA (0 points)

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 2, vs. No. 8 Oklahoma

20 (tie). Kansas State Wildcats (11 Points)

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    Kansas State ahead of Iowa, Michigan State, and Texas?

    For the time being, you better believe it. The Wildcats currently sit at 4-0 as they prepare for Nebraska next week. For K-State, its quantity not quality, as they have picked up a solid amount of points in the early going with wins over BCS conference opponents in UCLA and Iowa State. A win over the Cornhuskers and their looking at a Big 12 title birth.

    Last Game: W, 17-13, vs. UCF (2 points)

    Next Game: Thu, Oct 7, vs. No. 6 Nebraska

20 (tie). Oklahoma State Cowboys (11 Points)

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    Led by possible Heisman candidate running back Kendall Hunter, the Cowboys currently sit tied for 20th in this weeks rankings. The Cowboys are where they are with the help of their high powered offense by beating up on Washington State and Tulsa by large margins. The Cowboys hope to keep it up as they don't hit the rocky part of their schedule for another couple weeks.

    Last Week: W, 65-28, vs. Tulsa (3 points)

    Next Week: Thu, Sep 30, vs. Texas A&M

20 (tie). Northwestern Wildcats (11 Points)

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    Another surprise team in the top 25 early. Northwestern has rolled early by winning their first four games on the schedule. An opening weekend victory on the road against the SEC's Vanderbilt enabled the Wildcats to pick up five points and currently has them ranked tied for 20th. Northwestern must keep picking up victories or otherwise they'll be on the outside looking in.

    Last Week: W, 30-25, vs. Central Michigan (2 points)

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ Minnesota

20 (tie). Wisconsin Badgers (11 Points)

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    A team currently ranked in the top ten is sitting tied for 20th in these rankings? The Badgers have come in with a lot of hype and talent, but the quality of their victories hasn't been up to par.

    Blowout victories against unranked, non-BCS opponent UNLV and the FCS' Austin Peay has only netted them four points. Add in narrow victories over San Jose State and Arizona State at home and you have eleven points.

    Now, Wisconsin can show their worth with big conference games coming up, but until them John Clay and the Badgers are at the bottom of the heap, not the top.

    Last Week: W, 70-3, vs. Austin Peay (1 point)

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ No. 24 Michigan State

19. North Carolina State Wolfpack (12 Points)

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    NC State finds themselves ranked 19th, behind the strong efforts of quarterback Russell Wilson. After their first two games and victories over Western Carolina and UCF netting them only three points, victories at home against Cincinnati and on the road against in-conference foe Georgia Tech, the Wolfpack are 4-0 and now looking to shock the ACC.

    However, the Pack will need a lot of help as currently they have no top 25 opponents left on their schedule.

    Last Week: W, 45-28, @ Georgia Tech (5 points)

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. Virginia Tech

16 (tie). Nevada Wolf Pack (13 Points)

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    The Wolf Pack have found them self in the top 25 for the first time since 1948 and now thanks to the points rankings have found themselves ranked in the top 20.

    Thanks to whopping victories over Colorado State and California netting them nine points the Wolf Pack, led by darkhorse Heisman candidate Colin Kaepernick, have found themselves in position to be a BCS buster this season. A November 26th showdown against Boise State may define how far the Wolf Pack can go.

    Last Week: W, 27-13, @ Brigham Young

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ UNLV

16 (tie). South Carolina Gamecocks (13 Points)

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    Steve Spurrier has the Gamecocks back into serious conversation in the SEC. Led by junior quarterback Stephen Garcia, the Gamecocks are in the middle of a race to win the SEC East.

    A big win at home over then 22nd ranked Georgia catapulted the Gamecocks up the rankings and had a chance to jump into the top ten, but couldn't pull out a victory on the road against Auburn. The Cocks have a week to prepare as the reigning national champs, Alabama, are next on the slate.

    Last Week: L, 35-27, @ No. 17 Auburn

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 9, vs No. 1 Alabama

16 (tie). Nebraska Cornhuskers (13 Points)

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    The Cornhuskers are coming off a campaign in which they were one second away from upsetting Texas in the Big 12 title game.

    Now they're back, behind freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez and junior defensive end Jared Crick, the Huskers currently sit at 4-0. Wins over Western Kentucky, Idaho, and South Dakota State haven't helped much, but a beat down of Washington and their star QB Jake Locker on the road has them in the top 20.

    With Texas showing their vulnerability this past weekend, the Cornhuskers may have a chance to run the table, as the Longhorns are currently the only ranked team left on their schedule.

    Last Week: W, 17-3, vs. South Dakota State (1 point)

    Next Game: Thu, Oct 7, @ Kansas State

15. Michigan Wolverines (15 Points)

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    Talk about saving his job. Rich Rodriguez's decision to replace last season's starter Tate Forcier with a young, speedy quarterback named Denard Robinson.

    I Must say it's paid off so far as Robinson has set the Michigan record for total offense in a game, twice, in back-to-back, weeks. He totaled 383 yards at home against Connecticut in the opener and the following week accumulated 502 yards on the road against Notre Dame, and is currently the favorite to win the Heisman trophy.

    The remainder of Michigan's schedule remains tough as they are currently slated to face five more ranked opponents. If they can win the majority, if not all, they will certainly rocket to the top of the standings.

    Last Week: W, 65-21, vs. Bowling Green

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ Indiana

14. Oregon Ducks (16 Points)

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    How is the team currently ranked fourth in the nations top polls ranked fourteenth in these rankings?

    Simple, look at the quality of their opponents. They have lambasted the likes of New Mexico and Portland State by a combined score of 141-0, but that only netted them five points. Impressive victories over Tennessee and Arizona State on the road have helped their cause.

    Oregon can prove its worth this weekend in a primetime battle at home against No. 9 Stanford.

    Last Week: W, 42-31, @ Arizona State

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. No. 9 Stanford

13. USC Trojans (17 Points)

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    So what if they can't play in a bowl game this year? The men of Troy are still bringing it to the table and a currently ranked 13th in this week's rankings. Three straight victories against BCS opponents, including two on the road, have allowed USC to veer towards the top of the rankings. However, the tests will grow for sophomore quarterback Matt Barkley and the Trojans as they are still slated to face the likes Stanford, Oregon, and Arizona, with two of those games coming on the road.

    Time will only tell if Lane Kiffin and Trojans will be kicking themselves for those imposed sanctions on the program.

    Last Week: W, 50-16, @ Washington State

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. Washington

11 (tie). Florida Gators (18 Points)

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    Who says the Gators really need Tim Tebow? Well, time will tell, but so far his replacement John Brantley has the Gators in position to make another run to a BCS bowl game.

    Currently tied for 11th in the standings, Florida has picked up solid victories, including three in-a-row against BCS opponents, including twenty-plus point victories at home against South Florida and Kentucky.

    However, Florida's run to the top could be made or broken this weekend as the Gators travel to Bryant-Denny Stadium to take on the Crimson Tide of Alabama in a rematch of the last two SEC title games.

    Last Week: W, 48-14, vs. Kentucky

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ No. 1 Alabama

11 (tie). TCU Horned Frogs (18 Points)

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    The Horned Frogs from TCU are yet another team trying to bust into the BCS. Coming of a season in which the Horned Frogs made their first BCS appearance, they are trying to reach the promised land once again. A victory in the season's opening week netted TCU nine points, but they've only tallied nine points since then as well.

    A weak Mountain West schedule may hinder the Horned Frogs chances at a top spot, but a late season showdown at Utah could catapult them up the list.

    Last Week: W, 41-24, @ Southern Methodist

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ Colorado State

10. Stanford Cardinal (19 Points)

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    With Washington's Jake Locker's recent struggles, Stanford's Andrew Luck's stock has risen in not only the Heisman race, but the NFL Mock Draft boards as well. No coincidence his performance this past weekend at Notre Dame has skyrocketed the Cardinal up these rankings as well.

    Three straight victories against BCS opponents have placed the Cardinal at tenth on our list and a victory this weekend on the road against Oregon could net them at least twelve points and push them into the top five or more.

    Last Week: W, 37-14, @ Notre Dame

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ No. 4 Oregon

6 (tie). UCLA Bruins (20 Points)

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    Yeah, you read this right, the Bruins are currently tie for sixth on our list. See, here, its all about quality not quantity. UCLA dropped their first two games, on the road against Kansas State and at home against then No. 25 Stanford.

    However, back-to-back victories against No. 23 Houston and on the road against 7th ranked Texas has netted them twenty points in two weeks. Now this is a long season and were just entering Week 5, but if UCLA continues to pull off upsets, why shouldn't they have a chance to play for a top spot?

    Last Week: W, 34-12, @ No. 7 Texas

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. Washington State

6 (tie). Arizona Wildcats (20 Points)

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    Who would have thought the Wildcats of Arizona would be the highest ranked Pac-10 team at this point of the season?

    Clearly the determining factor was a Week 3 upset at home against then No. 9 Iowa which gave them eleven points towards their ranking. If Nick Foles and company can keep it up the Wildcats could be right up their for the BCS title game.

    However, a three week stretch against Stanford, USC, and Oregon could say other wise.

    Last Week: W, 10-9, vs. California

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 9, vs. Oregon State

6 (tie.) Oklahoma Sooners (20 Points)

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    Bob Stoops has his Sooners as the highest ranked team in the Big 12 according to this weeks standings. With sophomore quarterback Landry Jones at the helm and talented players like DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles around him the Sooners look ready to place themselves back at the top of the Big 12.

    Despite three narrow victories over low quality opponents in Utah State and Air Force and another close call against Cincinnati, who is expected to have a down year, one may not expect the Sooners to be ranked so high.

    However, a thirty point victory in Week 2 against a then 17th ranked Florida State squad has padded the Sooners points and have them currently tied for sixth. A victory this weekend in the Red River Rivalry against Texas would most likely inch Oklahoma into the top five.

    Last Week: W, 31-29, @ Cincinnati

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. No. 21 Texas

6 (tie). Ohio State Buckeyes (20 Points)

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    The Buckeyes may be ranked number two in the national polls, but according to our points system the Buckeyes currently sit tied for sixth.

    With Heisman candidate Terrelle Pryor leading the charge for Ohio State, the Buckeyes are the highest ranked team in the Big Ten. A week two victory at home against Jacory Harris and the Hurricanes of Miami helped the Bucks pick up nine points, coupled in with the fact that they have not played a FCS opponent, has Ohio State ranked in the top ten. As long as they stay consistent entering the final three weeks the Buckeyes will have a shot to play for the national title.

    Last Week: W, 73-20, vs. Eastern Michigan

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ Illinois

4 (tie). Utah Utes (22 Points)

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    Led by quarterback Jordan Wynn, Kyle Wittingham and the Utah Utes find themselves in the top five during the regular season for the first time. With a few blowout victories and a major upset of then fifteenth-ranked Pittsburgh at home, the Utes have become a force to be reckoned with.

    With only two more BCS opponents left and the schedule coupled in with an inter-conference battle with No. 5 TCU the Utes may drop out of contention based on their weak schedule, but if they can keep racking up the points on offense, maybe the Utes will be crashing the BCS once more.

    Last Week: W, 56-3, vs. San Jose State

    Next Game: Sat, Oct 9, @ Iowa State

4 (tie). Auburn Tigers (22 Points)

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    JUCO transfer Cameron Newton seems to be the spark that Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers needed. Newton has played Auburn into the top ten nationally, the top five here, and has played himself right into the thick of this years Heisman race.

    Three straight victories over BCS opponents, including one on the road and another at home against then No. 12 South Carolina, has the Tigers currently atop the SEC West and looking to challenge Alabama for the top spot. Only time will tell as those two will do battle in the regular season finale.

    Last Week: W, 35-27, vs. No. 12 South Carolina

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. Louisiana-Monroe

3. Boise State Broncos (25 Points)

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    Chris Petersen and company have the Broncos rolling again.

    Led by Heisman candidate Kellen Moore, Boise State has already knocked off two top 25 opponents in Virginia Tech and Oregon State which has accounted for a majority of their points. However, the Broncos maybe in trouble as the rest of their schedule lacks another BCS opponent and the only ranked team they face is No. 25 Nevada.

    The men of Boise will need to pull off some impressive victories if they want to make a run for the national title.

    Last Week: W, 37-24, vs. No. 24 Oregon State

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, @ New Mexico State

2. LSU Tigers (31 Points)

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    See what happens when you take some risks and play meaningful games outside of your conference?

    LSU has only played BCS conference opponents, including two ranked teams from outside their own conference. Close victories over then 18th ranked North Carolina at a neutral site in Georgia and at home against then 22nd ranked West Virginia coupled in with twenty-plus point victories against in-conference opponents Vanderbilt and Mississippi State and the Tigers of LSU have themselves second in the nation.

    Of course the beasts of the SEC await, but for the time being LSU looks like a legitimate contender.

    Last Week: W, 20-14, vs. No. 22 West Virginia

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs. Tennessee

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (33 Points)

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    Alabama atop yet another poll? What else is new?

    With Mark Ingram back after missing the first two games, Nick Saban and company look prepared to make another strong run to the national title game. With the vaunted backfield of Ingram and Trent Richardson, sprinkle in the dynamic receiving threat Julio Jones and their field general Greg McElroy the Crimson Tide look ready to roll on through the SEC.

    After a late fourth quarter rally on the road in Arkansas along with an impressive showing at home against Penn State, Alabama looks like their at full strength as we begin to hit the middle part of the season.

    Last Week: W, 24-20, @ No. 10 Arkansas

    Next Week: Sat, Oct 2, vs.No. 7 Florida